Inspirations - Wall murals - Living room

Night time city mural
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An abstract mural with a city panorama by night is a perfect option for all lovers of industrial dark arrangements. A classic motif of a city with a modern twist will be a strong decorative element of our wall.
Lavender field mural
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A mural with lavender in macro-scale is one of the most beautiful mural designs for bedrooms. Not only will it introduce a bit of color to your interior, but it will also give it an atmosphere of Provencal towns and villages.
Butterfly and flower mural
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For all lovers of nature, we’ve prepared a butterfly mural in macro scale. Such design will bring to your interior a breath of freshness, taking away some of the monotony of a bright decor.
Floral pattern mural
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A retro wall mural with a floral pattern will give a wide variety of interiors a unique character – especially interiors furnished in a romantic or industrial style. Floral motifs are in this season. Not only can wall decorations be an original accessory, they can also be an inspiration and foundation to create an interesting styling.

Urban jungle mural
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An urban jungle doesn’t have to be grey. Quite the contrary – it can be filled with colors and plants that form fantastic patterns. Wall murals with exotic plant motifs are a good example of this.

Romantic flower mural
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Do you wish to have an unconventional interior with romantic atmosphere? Then it surely needs to include a mural with… flowers. Large, expressive, yet still very subtle, the design will take you straight to the magical world from Jane Austen's, Byron's, and Goethe's novels…

Retro-style flower mural
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Are you a fan of the 60s and the 70s? Are you fascinated by the hippie era aesthetics? Express it through your interior! Get a retro-style flowery wall mural and turn back the clock. May flower power be with you!

World map mural
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World map wall murals are a fantastic decorative idea for more than just classrooms and children’s rooms. They will also appeal to all travel lovers and serve as an inspiration for planning new trips.

Wall mural blue roses
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Deep blue wall murals are a fantastic way to introduce the fashionable Classic Blue colour into your interior. Combine that with a flowery design and you can also enjoy fresh, natural surroundings every single day.  

Forest in the morning mural
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Wall murals with a picturesque view are a brilliant way to feel the closeness of nature even when we live in a big city. A green, forested nook in the living room is the ultimate recipe for décor which will calm us and help us recharge our batteries after a long day.