Murals by interior - Boy’s room

A wall mural for a boy's room will introduce color to the children's space.
 Using the right design, you can add interest to the boy's room and make it more cozy. The wide choice of various motifs includes, for example, wall murals with references to popular fairy tales as well as depicting space or the jungle – places that foster the development of children's imagination and curiosity. Our collection also includes designs suitable for older boys, such as cars, planes and pirate ships. Thanks to this, you are sure to find a wall mural for a boy that will perfectly match his interests.

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Boy's wall mural
: the charm of colorful images

A wall mural will add color and warmth to a boy's bedroom. Themes from fairy tales and Disney cartoons promote creative play and games. Using wall decorations featuring colorful patterns you can give your room a cozy fairy-tale look. In our collection, you will find a wall mural for a boy's room
 taken from the world of fairy tales and fantasy films. You can choose to decorate your room with a magical unicorn in a mysterious forest or the characters of your favorite cartoons in the form of charming, colorful graphics. Fairytale scenery will develop curiosity in little adventurers – it will also brighten up the room and give it a distinctive character. The wide choice of various motifs includes, for example, a wall mural with an abstract pattern.

Eye-catching motifs on the children's room wall

Beautiful wall ornaments inspired by the world of fauna and flora – both in realistic and fairy-tale forms – are great for decorating a boy's bedroom. The collection of our online store includes a boy's wall mural with the jungle motif.
 The details go perfectly with wood, green accents and warm colors used to decorate the space. Graphics featuring space will take your child on a galactic journey, and give their room a completely different, almost surreal and magical appearance. A wall mural with clouds, ocean depths or dinosaurs will take your child to a completely different place, develop creative skills and a habit for reading books. Our selection of photographic art includes also depictions of pirate ships – such boy's wall murals will create an atmosphere conducive to marine voyages. Images reminiscent of the Pirates of the Caribbean can be successfully incorporated into a children's room arrangement – they will wonderfully complement a classic bed and wooden furniture.

Wall murals for boys: popular designs

Wall murals can depict the most popular motifs, characteristic of the masculine world: from sports to cars. Our collection includes colorful and expressive designs, in the form of both photography and graphics. Attractive accents will easily add interest to any boy's room. If your son is a sports enthusiast, choose wall decorations with a football theme – it is a very universal solution. Automotive accents will work perfectly in a minimalist room: the mural will be a distinctive detail dominating the space.

Among the various designs you can find images of rally drivers and riders, as well as pilots. You can decide on a classic theme and decorate your boy's bedroom with murals featuring cars or superheros such as Batman. If you are looking for something more versatile and low-key, choose a wall mural for boys with a map of the world. The decoration will promote the learning of geographical names and will become a distinctive and colorful accent in a traditionally decorated room.