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City wall stickers are dazzling and universal decorations. The graphics can be used to quickly beautify the walls in your living room and bedroom. City stickers can be a source of expressive dynamism in the interior – they liven up the walls and create a unique atmosphere in the room. What’s more, they can also be a perfect addition to an industrial-style kitchen, especially if you use a sticker to decorate the space between upper cabinets and the countertop. We’ve collected city wall stickers featuring many different designs and colour schemes. You’ll easily be able to find a panoramic view of New York, Paris or Rome that matches your style. The images will highlight the decorative theme of your interiors and make them more appealing.
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Cityscape wall stickers

Some of the most popular city stickers include breathtaking panoramic cityscapes depicting skyscrapers, houses and office buildings. This universal theme can be used in most types of interiors, as long as the walls are smooth. The urban design will become a wonderful source of positive energy, vitality and dynamism. Browse through our cityscape collection to find beautiful images of both charming small towns and famous European metropolises. The former are best used in traditional living rooms while the latter look absolutely fantastic in modern interiors.
  • City stickers will be a good addition to a minimalistic décor. The designs will highlight the elegance of a stylish bed or a classic sofa, regardless of its colour. We recommend choosing a city sticker that matches the overall colour of your interior. Our collection features designs in various colour schemes, including black, brown, navy blue and white. The darker ones look especially wonderful in elegant spaces and can be used to create an aesthetic contrast with white walls or a sofa.

Urban motifs in interior design

Panoramic cityscape stickers can also be used to decorate a kitchen. The photographic decoration will be a perfect way to fill the gap between upper and lower cabinets. The furniture and the entire interior will look more attractive. We recommend using either photos of famous cities or charming, fairy-tale towns. Our wall decorations will make your space feel warmer and cosier. You can also consider using city stickers to beautify a Scandinavian-style living room. The dark motif will liven up the space and provide a perfect background for a couch and a wooden coffee table. The stickers can make any space appear more dynamic (that goes for private flats but also public spaces, such as restaurants or cafés). The urban designs will refresh the interiors and make them more intriguing.

City stickers: awe-inspiring decorations inspired by famous capitals

City stickers can also be used to decorate furniture – wardrobes, shelves and cabinets. You’ll easily be able to aesthetically incorporate popular urban motifs, such as the Eiffel Tower, into your décor. Make your interiors more attractive with images of the most famous buildings in Rome, London, New York or Paris. Any regular piece of furniture can suddenly become much more stylish and fascinating.
  • City stickers will create a wonderful atmosphere in your bedroom. They look gorgeous when combined with a chic nightlamp or an elegant bedside table. You can also put a sticker on the sliding doors of your wardrobe and transform a boring piece of furniture into a source of style.
In interior design, stickers with great cities are as universal as nature-inspired motifs. If you’re looking for something to decorate your living room, we recommend a large, impressive design, such as a sprawling metropolis (maybe New York or London) seen from a bird’s-eye view. The magnificent towers and skyscrapers will look very original on your living room walls, especially if you make sure that the decoration is installed in a central, well-visible place. If you’re not a fan of colourful designs, we also have more classic, black-and-white images. One of the most popular motifs in this category is city at night, which is perfect for minimalistic interiors that feature subdued colours. With a sticker like this, the whole space will become much more unique and intriguing and it will surely attract the attention of any visitor.