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Are you searching for a stylish poster for a girl's room? This is not an easy task! The color pink and unicorns galore – but what to do when your daughter loves pirates, dinosaurs and dogs? Suddenly, the choice seems to be much narrower. Fortunately it's not the case if you shop with us: we present posters for girls as diverse as a girl's interests: from astronomy to animals, from ballet to football. You will be surprised by the wonderfully diverse designs we have prepared for you and your daughters. As always, we also have a short guide for you with advice on how to use posters in an interior to create decorations with an edge.

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Girl power: posters for girls

Nowadays, decorating a girl's room is a much more interesting and varied task than even a few years ago when accessories in pink with sweet princess were everywhere. Now both parents and manufacturers of decorations have finally noticed that girls' interests include much, much more!

If you have ever browsed the Internet in search of ideas to create a unique interior decor, and after some time you come to the conclusion that all your efforts are in vain, because all the decorations not only look alike, but are also very pretentious, twee and well... quite childish, then ... you're right! It was the case until not so long ago. Times, however, have changed, thankfully: now you and your daughter can choose posters for a girls' room from thousands of intriguing designs related to various areas of interest, such as sports, music, art, nature, history and many, many more. No more rooms that are similar like two peas in a pod! Now, wall posters for girls can be as unique as the owner of the room. Read the guide we have prepared, and you will learn how to choose the right posters to suit the interior in order to create a one-of-a-kind decor.

What functions can posters for a girl's room serve?

Learning and doing homework can be either a favorite part of the day or a chore – depending on the attitude of a particular girl. However, there is a way to make the process easier and more enjoyable – by creating a learning corner in the room, which will look good and promote concentration. How can a poster for a girl's bedroom help with this? First of all, it can serve an inspiring function: a poster with an educational slogan is uplifting and reminds you that learning is one of the most important things in life.

Posters can also have strictly educational content: they can feature multiplication tables, maps, lists of English words, geometric patterns... By looking at this type of decoration regularly you will find it easier to learn, understand and remember its content. Also, do not forget that when decorating just one zone in the room, for example around the desk or a comfortable reading chair, adding a 'scientific' poster can designate a 'learning zone' or 'focus zone' in an symbolic way.

Goodbye pink: why posters for girls are no longer pink?

Nowadays, many parents of girls, especially younger ones, wonder if they should avoid pink, a stereotypically girly color, in room décor altogether, even if their daughter insists on using it – or give in and let their daughter change her bedroom into a pink princess's chamber. It is, unfortunately, one of those questions that really does not have just one correct answer. Or maybe we should put it differently: there are as many answers as there are girls.

However, let us make a gentle suggestion: the fact that decorating the room in pink from floor to ceiling is definitely dated does not mean that you should avoid this color at all costs and in all circumstances. A pink accent, such as a wall poster for girls featuring ballerinas in pink tutus or a bouquet of pink flowers, will not suddenly make the interior look twee or cheap. It will certainly not become dated as soon as an all-pink design. A floor-to-ceiling pink chamber looks unstylish (and will probably get boring after a short while). A neutral decor with a few subtle pink accents will prove to be much more versatile. One can easily imagine this style in a little girl's, a student's or even a teenager's room.

Is there a poster for a girl's room that will 'grow old' with dignity?

For many parents, the problem is how to decorate a room so that the decor does not look 'dated' after two or three years. Children grow so quickly, and their tastes change at least at the same rate! Which brings us to a fairly obvious question: how to choose a poster that will look good for years to come? As always, we have several suggestions. The most important thing is to choose patterns that are not too childish. If you opt for animals, stay away from fairy-tale characters, and choose pictures of real animals instead. If you choose flowers, make sure they are not 'nursery' style, but are a tasteful image, which could be hung in the bedroom or living room. Secondly: invest in good-quality materials! What’s the benefit of having a future-proof design if the paper goes yellow and the print fades? Our posters for girls are printed on high-quality paper, using innovative latex printing technology, thanks to which they retain a fresh and beautiful look for many years.