Inspirations - Canvas prints - Sitting room

Image The Great Wave off Kanagawa
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Art with the capital A is not limited to museums. Canvas prints with reproductions of famous masterpieces are a great recipe for a stylish and timeless décor, where your favourite works of art are within your reach.

Retro flowers canvas print
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A vividly colorful flower canvas print in retro style will energise every interior! It will look best on a bright, brick wall, right over a living room’s couch. Such design will surely chase away the boredom.

Female nude canvas print
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A nude canvas print is a universal decoration of an elegant living room. The design we offer, inspired by classic paintings, will be a great decoration of many styles - from a modern industrial one to a Scandinavian minimalist one.
3D mosaic canvas print
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A geometric 3d canvas print will look good in modern interiors characterized by a moderate amount of accessories and a toned-down color scheme.
Abstract canvas print
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To everyone who values obvious solutions over realistic art, we offer canvas prints with an interesting, abstract motif.
Flowers canvas print
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Canvas print with red flowers in style of watercolor illustrations will add color and freshness to your living room decor.
Volcano eruption canvas print
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A canvas print presenting a volcanic eruption is a unique decoration that will bring an original color scheme and an expressive aesthetic into any space. This type of decoration will make a fantastic impression in bright, spacious interiors – such as in a large living room or bedroom.

Dubai's skyscrapers canvas print
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A painting with Dubai's modern skyscrapers from a bird's eye view will capture the attention of your guests for many reasons. It astounds with its unapologetic decorative majesty and surprises with its dreamlike colour scheme.

Wild cat canvas print
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A characteristic canvas print with a cat in the style of watercolor paintings will be a strong decorative element of a toned-down living room or bedroom.