Posters by interior - Bathroom

The bathroom is a room that we often overlook when thinking about decorating the home. Of course, we attach great importance to selecting the right tiles, cabinets, suite or look for the perfect mirror and lighting, but we tend to forget about details and ornaments. And it is them that help you personalize your interior and make it cozier. Among the many solutions available, it is worth considering posters. The bathroom is not a place where you often see them – they do not seem to belong here, and many people may also be afraid that moisture may damage this type of decoration. We will, however, try to convince you that posters for the bathroom are a great idea!

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In the seaside style – classic inspiration for the bathroom

The bathroom without a doubt is a place where any marine and maritime motifs look particularly fitting and stylish. A large seashell placed in a prominent position, handles for cabinets in the shape of seahorses, blue tiles – finishing touches like these help create a unique, holiday atmosphere in this room. The design can also be perfectly complemented by adding an attractive poster. The bathroom is a room, unfortunately, with no shortage of moisture. It helps therefore to put the poster in a simple frame matching the decor, which will protect the print from the adverse effects of water and steam.

  • There are several standard themes to choose from. We can choose a graphic featuring a ship, sailboat or naval ship, a drawing of a fish, a photograph of a coral reef or a lighthouse. Another great motif for a bathroom poster is a sandy beach washed by waves. This type of composition combined with seashells arranged on the edge of the bathtub will certainly take you to a luxury holiday resort, and help you relax and forget about everyday problems.
  • Water as an element invariably brings to mind refreshment, purity, something life-giving and at the same time a power to respect. Drops, waves, whirlpools, and waterfalls – these are just some of the beautiful forms that it can take. These water-based masterpieces created by nature inspired us to develop original designs for posters for a bathroom wall. An atmospheric spray of water is one of our ideas that will give the room a delicate feel. Foaming waves have a slightly stronger character. So if you want your dream bathroom to feature creative and atmospheric water motifs, don't hesitate and choose this type of poster.

Feminine beauty

Another interesting theme worth taking into account when choosing a bathroom wall poster is, generally speaking, "femininity". It is believed that it is the fairer sex who spends more time in the bathroom. Applying make-up, face masks and conditioners, skin care routines – all this takes time ... and constitutes an excellent poster theme. An image of a model, an artistic photograph in black and white or a subtle nude can create a sensual and romantic atmosphere. This style of poster in the bathroom will look even better accompanied by a shelf full of cosmetics and make-up accessories. An interesting idea – especially for bathrooms with a modern, minimalist decor – is a poster with a photo or illustration in a fairy-tale style. Sensual and mysterious bathroom... Why not!

Poster for the bathroom full of content

Typography has been all the rage in recent years. Inscriptions and quotes are often seen on living room or bedroom walls. But what about the bathroom? Well, here typography works great too! It can come in the form of cardboard or wooden letters, words painted directly on the wall, or posters, most often in a simple, minimalist frame. Why not hang a poster with an inspirational slogan over the bathtub or next to the mirror?

Posters for the bathroom are still not a popular decoration.  The above examples prove, however, that it shouldn't be so. Posters hung in the bathroom or wet room look very original, and what's more, they can give the interior an interesting atmosphere. In addition, a multitude of themes and motifs guarantees that you can find the perfect match for any type of decor.