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Tunnel wallpaper is a very interesting decoration that fits every type of interior. For many, it is a quite difficult decoration to fit into an interior’s decor, that’s why it’s not as popular as it should be. Nothing’s farther from the truth, since tunnel wallpaper is actually a very easy and quick way to optically enlarge a living room, give it depth and introduce a sense of movement. Because of its various forms and styles it will nicely fit every type of interior style, from traditional to modern. If you’re not sure how to woven a 3D tunnel wallpaper into your decor, here’s a couple of solutions that will make the whole process as easy as a walk in a park.

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3D tunnel wallpaper is a fast way to make your living room bigger!

A spatial tunnel mural will completely change your surroundings: If you have to deal with decoration of a small space, a narrow interior or one with a low celling, a 3d tunnel wallpaper will optically enlarge it and will make it seem much bigger than it actually is. A wide selection of designs guarantees, that everyone will find a perfect 3D tunnel wallpaper that will fit the style present in a decorated room. Moreover, a mural tunnel has a universal character, which makes it a great decoration for many years to come, regardless of the trends that may appear in the future.

Tunnel mural in every style and every interior

It may seem that a mural tunnel is not a very attractive decoration. Currently, the most popular motif are spectacular architectural constructions depicting classic solutions, such as Charles Bridge in Prague, industrial, 19th century train stations and monumental churches and mansions. But, if you take a closer look to a couple of options, you will see that a mural tunnel is not just a practical solution, that will optically enlarge our space. It’s also a breath-taking decoration that can take different forms: from minimalist, rustic, all the way to pure abstraction reminding us of teleports from sci-fi movies. Spatial murals with a tunnel motif look great in every interior.


  • A spatial tunnel wallpaper in minimalist style will look great in a modern interior. A depiction of a tunnel made of raw materials - carved in stone of build of concrete - will nicely fit a monochromatic color scheme of an interior and the materials used within an interior. After all, more and more often are modern interiors decorated with non-plastered concrete or brick walls.

  • A mural tunnel in industrial style most often shows breath-taking glazed steel constructions, reminding us of 19th century train stations. Those solutions, back then were seen as a symbol of modernity, still fascinate us and gain recognition thanks to the outstanding craft of their creators. A tunnel mural in this style will nicely emphasize the modern character of an interior, and will create a harmonious whole with metal furniture.

  • Abstract 3D tunnel wallpaper will surely fit the taste of fans of technology and sci-fi movies, where teleportation and time travel are an every-day occurrence. A motif of a swirling tunnel made of colors and light will not only add energy to a monochromatic interior. The impression of movement will make a static composition look more dynamic and gain a bit of lightness.

  • Spatial tunnel wallpaper in rustic stylecan also refer to a tunnel form. An alleyway placed under  thick tree crowns, or a tunnel build of bamboo poles, deep in a tropical forest, will be a great decoration of an idyllic interior. Not only will they emphasize the connection to nature, they will also match wooden furniture, wild flowers in folk vases and wicker decorations.

A mural tunnel 3D in a large living room

A tunnel mural will fit not only an intimate space. It will look equally well in a spacious, industrial living room, a minimalist loft of a huge bedroom. And although depth and three-dimensionality is not a priority in such interior, its size will help us to nicely showcase such decoration.

Mural tunnel in a bedroom

In this type of space, the best solution will be a spatial tunnel wallpaper with an image of ancient Greek columns, arranged in two, neighbouring rows. A composition with an ancient character will give your bedroom a classic look and elegance, and a toned color scheme will make it easier to fall asleep.