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Good, restful, colorful or maybe sweet – what dreams do you wish for your loved ones and yourself when you go to get some well-deserved sleep? And are wishes alone enough to have a peaceful night's sleep?  In addition to wishing someone 'good night', you should also ensure your interior is arranged in a way that will put you in the right mood. Posters for the bedroom are a great, and above all, quick solution. They will not only decorate and add interest to the room, but also help you sleep well! Wall posters for bedroom with picturesque views, motivational quotes or colorful patterns are just a few examples of the limitless possibilities! 

19 of posters

A modern typographic poster with a motif of deer head will fit nicely into bright interiors and Scandinavian style decor.

A goalkeeper poster is a great gift for little football enthusiasts. Its universal colour scheme makes it suitable for any type of child's room. It's a dream decoration for your child and a great way to make the room look better.


A sailor's dream: a maritime bedroom poster

You do not need to decorate the whole bedroom in a nautical style to opt for a poster with a maritime accent. This decoration is so versatile it will go perfectly with virtually any style – modern, classic, industrial, rustic and even colonial. It all depends on what wall poster for the bedroom you choose. The choice includes seascapes depicting a calm sea surface with blue skies strewn with clouds or rough waves spraying white sea foam. Treat your self to an exotic beach with golden sand, green palms and crystal clear water or decorate your bedroom with a poster featuring wild dunes with a calm sea in the background. The most important thing is that your selected decoration should form a harmonious whole with your interior both in terms of style and color, and your sea posters for the bedroom should be conducive to a restful sleep.

A bit of motivation before sleep – posters for the bedroom with an inscription

How many times have you gone to bed completely exhausted and convinced that you would fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow, but instead you couldn't help thinking about tasks for the day ahead and things you failed to do. How to deal with this flood of pesky thoughts? A bedroomposter with a inscription could be a great solution. From a wide range of quotes, select the one that appeals to you most: "Regret nothing", "Keep calm and fight on" or "Just be yourself". Let this small inscription remind you that you have to believe in yourself, follow your heart and tenaciously pursue your goals. When you calm your thoughts with a suitable mantra before going to sleep, you will fall asleep in no time at all. An additional advantage of posters with inscriptions is that by choosing a suitable font, you introduce a beautiful decorative accent into your interior.

Poster for the bedroom with inscriptions

Romantic posters for the bedroom: nudes and portraits

The bedroom is a perfect place for atmospheric and subtle decorations in the form of artistic nudes or beautiful, sensual portraits. The choice of design depends on your imagination. Available are both black and white and colorful representations, graphic or photographic, depicting a whole silhouette or only a detail. Art lovers will love bedroom posters with nudes referring to the works of famous masters, while fans of minimalism will love shots of lips with lipstick on, arms with pearls or a monochromatic photograph of a woman's silhouette. Such posters look great as part of a two- or three-piece, so in the case of a spacious bedroom it is worth investing in two or three posters corresponding with each other. And remember to hang them side by side on the same wall as this will enhance their impact!

Dots and lines – colorful bedroom posters for a good morning

Thinking about a bedroom decor, one usually puts an emphasis on creating an atmospheric, delicate arrangement that will help you relax and fall asleep. Look at this room as a space in which you wake up in the morning and start another day. Instead of calm and delicate accents, try colorful, energetic posters that will give you a boost and put you in a positive mood for the day. A wall poster for the bedroom can be a great solution thanks the universal and timeless designs. They can include large or small polka dots, stripes, zigzags, pixels, lattice or chessboard. Abstract, soft or geometric patterns in energetic, vivid colors will add character to your interior arrangement and give you a great incentive to start a new day full of vigor!

Wall murals, posters and pop art canvas prints - inspirations

Wall murals, posters and pop art canvas prints - inspirations

Pop art is the quintessence of the wild art from the 60s. Color play and graphic depictions straight out of a comic book, popular culture references and mass consumerism translated into the language of art.