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Colorful, fresh, juicy, sweet, and full of taste: these are our fruit murals! A fruit mural for kitchen is a decorative classic, suitable for any type of kitchen regardless of its overall style. It's a great option for both private and commercial interiors. You can therefore use it at home as well as in your restaurant, grocery store, or café. A fruit mural is a tried and tested method of introducing vibrant colors into a room. Sometimes these can even be all the colors of the rainbow! Fruity patterns work wonders whether you decide to decorate an entire wall or just a single stripe, e.g. between kitchen cabinets.

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Vitamins for your interiors: a fruit mural

The first designs that spring to mind when you think about interior decoration are flowery patterns. It's no wonder: flowers have been a well-established decorative tradition and one of the most popular designs since time immemorial! However, why not go one step further and use flowers' delicious successors... fruit? Fruit are the only natural food source that can boast having all the colors of the rainbow. That fact alone makes them an excellent decorative inspiration, not to mention how fantastic they look (also delicious!) Fruit come in all different shapes and sizes and can be successfully used both in the form of photographs as well as stylized graphics. That's why fruit wall murals remain one of the most interesting and stylish types of wall decorations you can imagine. In addition, as you'll soon see for yourself, the fruit motive can be used outside the kitchen too!

Fruit mural for kitchen: a never-ending classic

Before we try to convince you that fruit and vegetables murals can look amazing in almost every room of the house, not only those directly associated with food, let's start with the obvious. Decorating your kitchen with a fruit mural has several considerable advantages. First of all, it adds color to the interior, and as we mentioned before, fruit come in all the different colors of the rainbow, which means that fruit murals are equally diverse when it comes to color scheme! Secondly, the design is obviously very fitting. Nobody's going to wonder why you've chosen fruit and not, let's say, fish or spaceships to decorate your kitchen. Finally, murals are incredibly practical. They're easy and quick to apply and it doesn't take much effort to keep them clean. Do you want to create a kitchen arrangement that looks stylish and original, but also has a humorous aspect? Use a fruit in water mural to decorate the wall above your kitchen sink – the place where fruit is actually cleaned!

Exit the kitchen, murals! A fruit wall mural for the living room, bedroom, and more

Yes, sure, fruit are types of food, but other than that, is there really something about them that makes them permanently bound to the kitchen? We don't think so! On the contrary: we believe that fruit murals can have a breathtaking effect when used to decorate less obvious interiors. Looking for a fruity inspiration? We've prepared a few suggestions:

- Some fruit wall murals, like the charming cherries looking like something from a cartoon, or the recently popular pineapples, will look marvelous as a decoration for a child's or a teenager's room.

- Maybe fruit is commonly associated with food but it can also be much more sensual; if you choose the right design you can achieve a similar effect with a fruit mural. A bitten apple, a split pomegranate, or temptingly juicy raspberries are just some of the designs that have the power to enhance the atmosphere of a sexy bedroom, especially since all of these fruits are red and their color is strongly associated with passion and love...

- Looking for a fresh and elegant living room decoration? Search for inspirations in art history and choose a design showing still life. Dutch master painters would certainly approve! And if you want something less... baroque, a fruit in water mural is a more modern idea, perfectly suitable for minimalist-style interiors.

- Are you planning the arrangement of a restaurant, a café, a grocery store, or a similar place? Well then, a fruit and vegetable mural with a neutral background will be a decorative bullseye, suitable for almost any arrangement!

A fruit mural: is it truly universal?

As demonstrated above, fruity decorations can be used in nearly any type of interiors – and not only at home! But their designs are only partly responsible for their success. What's equally important is the quality of the product. Our murals are printed using the state-of-the-art latex print technology. This allows for an incredibly accurate print, which is additionally resistant to harmful effects of sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity. What's more, you can easily pick what type of material will be best for your surfaces and interiors, which further increases the durability of our decorations: latex is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms, while vinyl murals with interlining can even withstand the humidity of bathrooms!