Murals by category - Fruit

A colorful interior is a cheerful one and that’s precisely why this next motif will appeal not only to fans of healthy diet. A fruit wall mural will definitely encourage you to eat more nutritious meals filled with vitamins, while at the same time making your space more interesting and adding a colorful touch to it. It’s the fastest way to revamp a décor that might not be as appealing it used to be a couple years ago. Installing our wall decorations is a piece of cake and you can use the fruit motif in every interior, not only in the kitchen.  Below we’ve compiled a few great ideas for using fruit wall murals.  What kind of ideas? Well, you’ll find out pretty soon, but we guarantee it’s going to be extra juicy!  

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Wall mural for the kitchen? Start with your favorite fruit

Do you prefer the popular apples and pears, exotic persimmons, or vacation fruit like watermelons? Our murals with fruit come in a great variety of designs, so we’re certain everybody will be able to find something they enjoy! And that’s both in terms of decor and taste. If you wonder what kind of fruit will look best on your walls, it’s best to consider its color first. Why is that? Because expressive wall decorations can instantly liven up any décor that lacks a bit of character. A wall mural can really transform the look of your kitchen. The fruit motif will become a wonderful highlight for the interior with minimum effort required. Many people are wary of introducing vivid colors into their décor because they believe they can be too gaudy. However, as long as you limit yourself to one decoration, keeping the furniture and the remaining walls in subtle hues, the motif will look gorgeous. Another great idea is decorating only the space between upper cabinets and the countertop. This way your fruit wall mural for the kitchen will make the interior more appealing without completely dominating it. And that’s exactly the effect we’re going for.

How to decorate the dining room? Make the space interesting thanks to murals with fruit

Our offer includes much more than just kitchen murals. The fruit motif can also be used to decorate dining rooms. Depending on the spaciousness of your room, you might want to choose different designs. If your space is rather cozy, you can go for a wall mural that will optically enlarge the interior. Exactly for that purpose we’ve compiled a collection of 3D fruit murals depicting delicious compositions, reminiscent of still nature. The mural may depict citrus fruit in a wicker basket, juicy red strawberries in a bowl or a metal bucket, or a banana surrounded by blueberries and a glass of healthy smoothie – it all depends on your personal taste. If your room is already spacious or minimalistic, we recommend a graphic fruit pattern that will instantly make the entire interior feel more cozy. In this case you can go for exotic fruit, tiny twigs covered with blackberries, or juicy cherries that used to serve us as pretend earrings when we were younger.

Fruit murals are our idea for a colorful fantasy in a child’s room

Nature is a wonderful source of inspiration when it comes to decorating a child’s room. That’s exactly why we’ve decided to compile the best ideas for magically colorful fruit wall murals. Imagine the walls in your children’s room covered with yellow bananas or lemons, tropical oranges and watermelons, or fresh apples and pears! It’s a recipe for delicious décor but it has other uses as well. The mural will acquaint your children with different kinds of fruit and make them more willing to eat them. You can decorate the walls with a fruit mural but you can also refresh the look of the furniture thanks to self-adhesive stickers. Another advantage of the fruit motif is that it’s neither boyish or girlish, so even if a brother and sister are sharing a room, you can go ahead and decorate it with these universal designs.

Where else can you use a fruit wall mural? It’s perfect for bars and restaurants

A delicious 3D fruit mural can also be used to decorate some more public spaces, especially various restaurants and eateries, where it will help you create a wonderful atmosphere. What kind of restaurants? The motif will work wonders in bistros, coffee shops, but also eco-friendly stores and any place where you can eat something healthy and drink a smoothie or a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. This type of decoration can become a beautiful dominating piece in the interior but also a great advertisement for a place that focuses on health and fresh produce. Depending on the overall décor of the space, you can go for either a photographic design or a graphic composition with vibrant colors that will capture your guests’ imagination. This way you’ll make sure that your establishment is unique and stands out from the competition.