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There's something magical about alleyways in towns and cities. Maybe it's the fact that you never know where an alley will take you. Or maybe it's because the most interesting places, such as romantic cafés or shops selling mysterious items, are usually hidden by these side-streets. It's hard to know for sure, but one thing is obvious: alleyway murals are a perfect way to decorate various types of interiors! Images of historical alleys will provide your interior with charm and mystery, which might be exactly what it needs. You're not sure how to use alleyway murals in your arrangement? We have a few suggestions especially for you!
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The charm of historical alleys: alleyway murals

Short, narrow, and winding – alleyways have for a long time been one of the most popular subjects of paintings, novels, songs, and movies. French impressionists, for instance, loved painting the bustling, cobblestone streets of Paris! No wonder. Alleyways in towns have a certain je ne sais quoi, which attracts and fascinates almost everybody. It's only natural that we decided to devote a separate category just to them. After all, alleyway murals are among our most popular designs. Although they're undoubtedly stunning, it's not that easy to arrange an interior around them, as they can also be quite demanding! However, with a few of our tips, you'll definitely be able to succeed in using alleyway murals to create a unique and breathtaking arrangement!

Small alley, large interior: enlarging spaces with alleyway murals

3D alleyway murals are one of the best ways to visually enlarge a smaller interior. However, not all designs are going to be equally effective. The angle of the street is incredibly important! Ideally, the photograph should be taken – or, if you prefer, a picture drawn – so as to bring out the perspective of the alley. In other words: the image needs depth! An interior decorated with such a mural will appear bigger than it is, because the design will suck the viewers in, making it seem as if the wall was much further away. This effect can have a strong influence on the perception of space. Indeed, it will make the room more spacious! Whether you prefer Italian alleyway murals, Greek alleyway murals, or some other design is of secondary importance. The right perspective is what matters the most.

National inspirations: alleyway murals from around the world

If you wish to breathe some exotic air into your home – or at least some Mediterranean warmth – there's no better choice than alleyway murals. We offer you a great variety of designs. Italian alleyway murals are an excellent way to complement your interior, especially if the arrangement is inspired by the marvelous Italian esthetics. Venetian alleyway murals are especially worth mentioning here, since they're one of our most popular designs, and rightly so! These images will look gorgeous regardless of whether you use them to decorate your living room or the inside of an Italian restaurant. And if you put it up in your bedroom (or maybe even bathroom?), it'll bring back holiday memories and make you feel more relaxed every day! If, however, you prefer something more... classic, you'll surely enjoy the beautiful sights of Athens and other famous, ancient Greek cities! Looking for an explosion of color and dynamic movement? A mural depicting the streets of Barcelona is just what you need.

Straight to the destination: alleyway murals as decorations for a travel agency

Depending on the city, alleyways can have a different atmosphere about them, but they always encourage you to sightsee, look around, learn, and go on adventures! This is exactly why our murals are amazing as decorations for a travel agency. It's hard to imagine a better imagery for a place like that. After all, murals decorate the interior but also stimulate the clients' imagination. You can either choose a recognizable design, such as Italian alleyway murals, or something which you can easily associate with holidays, like Greek alleyway murals, to create a welcoming, esthetic arrangement! In addition, our murals are extremely durable and resistant, even if exposed to difficult conditions, such as high temperatures, sunlight, or humidity. That makes alleyway murals a fantastic choice for a busy place like a travel agency. Furthermore, it only takes a few hours to hang them, so you won't have to bear the additional costs of suspending the company's activities for redecoration.