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Do you wish to have an original interior design featuring quality materials everywhere you look? Natural, timber wall cladding, precious marble, wicker weavings, or beautiful mosaics resembling the decorations of an ancient palace. You can have all that and more thanks to our practical wall murals. A regular room can be quickly transformed into a unique space thanks to the murals' textures, which imitate various materials. Not only does it allow you to quickly decorate your interior, but it's also an easy solution to enjoy high-quality materials without spending a fortune. Both glamour and industrial-style texture murals are ready for you to invite them into your home and change your life for the better!

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Texture murals – a spectacular idea for decorating interiors

Living in an apartment complex, it may seem that you don't have much to say when it comes to decorating walls. For a long time, an interesting paint color or a patterned wallpaper have been our only options. But not anymore! Nowadays, you can completely transform your bedroom or living room by introducing to it such textures as brick wall, austere concrete, or cozy wooden planks painted in different colors. Moreover, the redecoration won't be too costly or time-consuming. You just need to grab one of our texture wall murals, which recreate the feel of various materials with meticulous precision to help you arrange a room beyond your wildest dreams. Furthermore, you'll also be able to use textures and patterns which would otherwise be impossible to obtain. Popular ideas include cracked African earth, colorful stained glass, wicker weavings, or wind-battered dunes of the Sahara desert. What are the advantages of such a decoration? It'll provide you with an original and stunning arrangement, which will amaze your entire family or anybody who drops by for a visit. After all, rarely do you see precious white marble as someone's wall decoration!

Extravagant wall murals: textures in a living room

Modern industrial interiors are among the most popular designs nowadays. With the use of a few simple gadgets and accessories, you can conjure up an interior in this style in your own home. You'll achieve the coveted austere atmosphere using industrial metal lamps, steel and glass furniture, and avant-garde, concrete bowls or vases. However, it's always better to choose one expressive design element and arrange the interior around it. Ascetic texture murals will serve that role perfectly. They have the potential to make even a small living room in an apartment look like a modern loft. What pattern to choose? The most popular living room designs include brick walls (in their natural color or painted white), medieval rough stone walls, concrete and metal surfaces, as well as close-up views of steel wire ropes used in factories and on ships. There's no need for excessive knick-knacks and accessories when it comes to the industrial style. A wall mural will be such an extraordinary focal point of the interior that you'll be able to limit other decorative elements. Your arrangement will therefore be both minimalistic and powerful.

Natural decorations: faux brick, stone, and wood murals

We all love cozy mountain chalets. Now you can make your own bedroom look like the inside of a charming forest hut. How? It's very simple! Use a wood texture mural. This category features several distinct designs. You can go for a mural resembling brand new planks or one which depicts older, darker wood, covered in a type of natural tarnish. Our designs depict wood in natural shades of brown, painted in various expressive colors, or with a layer of flaking white paint. This last option will look particularly gorgeous in a shabby chic style bedroom. But wood isn't the only material that helps you create a cozy arrangement. You can achieve a similarly marvelous effect using texture murals with wicker, wavy white sand, or stones smoothed by water. A faux brick mural is another interesting option, which opens up a whole array of arrangement possibilities.

Unique texture wall mural

A texture wall mural can also be used to liven up a teenager's room. In this case, the more original and dashing the material you choose, the better. Youth demands vivid colors and spectacular outlets to fully express itself. What are some good ideas, then? We recommend a design depicting a wooden fence painted in fantastically bold colors. Other noteworthy ideas include a brick wall covered with street art or an intensively red mosaic consisting of tiny red squares. For a girl's room, you might consider a stained glass imitation or a mural with a light pink marble texture. Just remember not to cover such expressive designs with any paintings, posters, or shelves. Let it speak for itself and we promise you definitely won't regret it.