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Decorative patterns for children will beautify colorful interiors – they are also great to brighten up monochromatic rooms. What kind of children's posters can we recommend? Graphics featuring smiley animals and cartoon characters are always a great choice. Motives taken from fairy tales create a cozy atmosphere: these posters add joy, charm and warmth to athe room. In the gallery of charming images there is no shortage of pastel compositions featuring teddy bears, cats and bunnies, and the hand-drawn style seems to be ideal for kids' bedrooms. Posters for children's rooms due to their colors can be used in a girl's, boy's or baby's bedroom – simply choose the right design and color scheme.

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Children's posters in the children’s room

As a result of the huge selection of designs and possibilities, decorating walls in the children's room can be a challenge – after all, your decisions affect a place that will be used by your child. So what should you do to make your little one happy and make their bedroom beautiful, cozy and colorful? We recommend choosing versatile posters for children's rooms – in standing or hanging versions. We recommend placing decorative posters in ornamental frames and hanging on an unfurnished wall, above the bed or the desk – this colorful composition will make your child's everyday duties more enjoyable.

To decorate the space you can also use posters for children in a larger format – a fairy-tale motif taking up a large part of the wall will have even more impact. This detail will put your child in a good mood and provide a sense of security.

Which posters for children's rooms should you choose?

Among various motifs, you are bound to find a wall decoration perfect for your child's room. You can opt for a classic graphic composition with animals or a poster in the form of a fairy-tale image – this colorful accessory will brighten up the room, and the subtle patterns will create a cozy atmosphere. What motives can we suggest? Please read on!

SWEET ANIMALS To decorate your child's little kingdom, you can use posters for children in pastel colors. A charming pet in the foreground makes your child's everyday homework more enjoyable and adds interest to the room. Animal patterns may include bears, bunnies, owls, cats and dogs – any happy, positive critters go in a child's bedroom. For those who like interiors in light colors and muted details, we recommend children's wall posters featuring raccoons, elks and stags. These wall accents will look great combined with wooden furniture and pure white walls. Finish the room with charming little elephants for good luck and Scandinavian posters for children with forest animals: hares, foxes and hedgehogs.

INSCRIPTIONS Posters for the children's rooms available in our gallery include also eye-catching wall decorations with inspirational slogans. By using decorations with inscriptions, you can subtly emphasize the character of the room and the personality of its owner (where it's a little princess or a daring pirate). Good energy coming from positive slogans will create a warm aura in the room. You can choose motivational quotes in a decorative font on a colorful background or a beautiful wish combined with equally attractive graphics. The themes include the moon, stars, clouds and smiling flowers.

CARTOON IMAGES A child's bedroom decorated with cartoon images is bound to appeal to every child. All you have to do is to match the characters from Disney's cartoons and movies to the child's interests. There is no doubt that children's wall posters for printing will be suitable for both boys and girls.

The collection would not be complete without the most popular children's characters: Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan and Simba. Popular children's decorations include also images of princesses: Bella, Aurora and Snow White. Decoration with a Disney motif will also give the bedroom a fairytale character.