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Despite the vast variety of furniture patterns and designs available nowadays, sometimes it is still difficult to find something which would perfectly fit the interior of our dreams. Or maybe we should rather say: it used to be difficult, because stickers are here to save the day! You'll find many different sticker types and designs in our catalogue: large closet stickers and colorful ones depicting cartoon characters; closet stickers for children and elegant ones which can be used to rejuvenate vintage furniture. DIY furniture restoration has never been so easy!

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A million styles for your closet: closet stickers and how to use them

Take one glance at interior design catalogues of any physical or online store and you'll soon realize that when it comes to furniture there is more choice than ever before. You can indefinitely browse through offers of countless stores or, if need be, take part in an online auction or visit an antique shop to  purchase used furniture "with soul."

Whether you decide to buy new or second-hand furniture, one thing for certain: if you put a little time into research, you can easily find some truly rare decorative wonders. The only problem is that furniture, whether mass-produced for chain stores or discovered at a flea market, often needs remodeling.  The reasons are various: sometimes you like the shape of an item but aren't a fan of its color; now and again the color is all right but it unfortunately isn't suitable for the overall arrangement of the interior. Occasionally the furniture simply looks a bit shabby. It's especially true when it comes to closets, as they are usually one of the largest if not the largest pieces of furniture in a room. Luckily, each of these issues may be solved with one cheap, simple, and very decorative solution – use closet stickers to rejuvenate your furniture. How to start? It's much easier than you might imagine. We've prepared three inspirational ideas to show you how you can renew the look of your furniture with stickers!

Great impact: sliding closet door stickers

The sliding closet is a piece of furniture which very often dominates the entire interior due to its size. If the closet doesn't look great, this imposing character may work to its disadvantage. To turn things around, decorate the sliding closet doors with an appropriate closet sticker. You might be surprised with the tremendous impact one simple sticker may have on an entire interior! With a large door surface you have many possibilities. When selecting a design, make sure that it reflects your intended overall vibe for the whole interior. Want something modern? Choose geometrical shapes or an interesting quote (typography is in fashion!) Prefer something atmospheric and romantic? Go for stickers depicting lovely landscapes or flowery motives. It's very simple! See for yourself sliding closet door stickers make the decorating process much more enjoyable! Remember that the same applies to all other kinds of large closets.

Furniture from chain stores? Not a problem! Closet door stickers 

Everybody loves chain store furniture: it's cheap, it looks nice, and it's easily accessible, just to mention a few of its many advantages. There is, however, one drawback to buying it… everybody has it already. And although discovering that you and your friends have the same exact closet in your flats is not the end of the world, sometimes you want to opt for something more original and individual, don't you? Luckily, closet stickers can easily transform a dull, popular piece of furniture into something truly special! The stickers will turn your mass-produced closet into a stylish item, unlike anything you've seen before! It may be especially useful in the case of children's furniture: you can frequently replace them to keep up with the rapidly changing interests of the youngest members of your family.

The style is in the details: one closet, many possibilities

Do you know what's best about closet stickers? We could mention many things, but nothing beats the fact that they allow you to decorate one piece of furniture in many different ways so that it suits various types of interiors! A regular piece of furniture ornamented with closet stickers for children will become a perfect addition to a child's room. What is more, if you take the same closet and decorate it with a flowery or swirly design, it will look amazing in your bedroom.

Change the look of your furniture: decorative stickers

Change the look of your furniture: decorative stickers

Stickers for furniture will work great as a decoration of the furnishing of basically every interior in your home.