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Returns and complaints

We value your satisfaction the most!

We do our best to ensure that our products outstand others with their high quality and that they fully match the needs of our clients.

365 days to return a product

If you’ll decide that you’d like to return the ordered product, after you receive it, you can do so over 365 days period, starting from the day of recieving the parcel. The following conditions must be fulfilled to return a product:

1. The product you want to return cannot have any traces of use. Please, send it to us in an original packaging and remember to include all of the elements that were a part of the set. In case when any of the elements are missing, your return will not be accepted.

2. While sending the product back, make sure that it’s properly protected - we suggest to pack it in a hard cardboard. The customer shall be liable for any damages caused by improper packaging.

3. A package should include an original or a copy of a proof of sale (receipt, invoice).

4. In case of return of a product, the Client shall bear all costs of shipment.

5.When all abovementioned terms are fulfilled, you will receive a full refund on a bank account provided by you during 10 working days from the moment we receive the returned item.

6.Attention: we do not accept parcels returned with pay on delivery option!

7.The right to return a product will not be recognized if the product ordered by the Client have been made with use of a photo the Client has provided themselves, or if the specification of the product were adjusted to the guidelines strictly defined by the Customer.

8.The right to return a product is granted exclusively to natural persons.

9.The product wasn’t purchased while on sale

If you’ll notice any technical defects of the product, such as wrong size, frame, type of material or lack of any of the components of your order:

1.Inform Myloview’s Customer Support about receiving a defective product by sending an email to contact@myloview.com. If it’s possible, attach to your email photos of a damaged product - this type of documentation will greatly improve and speed up the process of handling your complaint.

2.After accepting the notification, we will send a courier to pick up the product on our expense.

3.Pack the defective product into a hard cardboard box. Make sure that the product is properly secured. The complaint will not be considered if the product will get damaged during shipment by the fault of the Customer.

4.Attach an original or a copy of proof of sale (receipt, invoice) to the parcel.

5.The reported defect shall be reviewed. If the abovementioned terms have been met, you will receive a new product within 10 workdays from the moment we receive the return package. If an immediate exchange is impossible because of an unavailability of the product, you will receive the equivalent of a price of product on the bank account you’ve provided us with.

6.The products that have defects caused by improper use are not subject to complaint.

Damaged parcel
If you’ll notice that the parcel is damaged:

1.You must open it with a courier, who delivered it, present. A complaint will not be considered if a damage of product will be noted after the courier has already left.

2.Prepare a Complaint Form and send the original to our address.

3.Pack the product in hard cardboard box. Make sure that it’s properly secured, to avoid further damages. The Client is responsible for any additional damages caused by not securing the package properly.

4.After recieving a Complaint Form, we’ll send to you a courier that will collect the damaged parcel. Within 10 work days you will receive from us a new product (without additional cost).

Full details on returns and complaints can be obtained by contacting the Myloview Customer Service (contact@myloview.com).