Canvas prints by interior - Girl's Room

Decorating children's rooms has its own rules. Kids' ideas can often be difficult to actualize. Having realized that, we decided to find a solution to this problem. The first thing that came to our mind were canvas prints for girl's bedroom. This type of decoration ensures incredible freedom of arrangement. Depending on the style of the room, you can easily adjust the colors and designs of the print. Paintings for little girls usually feature soft, pastel colors, though there are naturally exceptions from this rule. If you're interested, keep reading and see the potential of these decorations for yourself!

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Canvas prints for girl's room – not only pink

For a very long time, the established fashion has dictated what colors are appropriate for boys and which for girls. Right now, most people perceive pink as a feminine color, although not so long ago, at the beginning of the 20th century, people used to choose the colors of their clothes based on their beauty type and hair color, not gender. At Myloview, we always try to break out of conventional patterns and that's exactly what we did when designing our canvas prints for girl's bedroom. Our collection includes multiple fantastic ideas which will allow you to escape the banality and triteness of stereotypically feminine colors and designs. It's definitely worth it! A child's room cannot be boring and cliché. Try to use the arrangement to create a space that promotes imagination and creativity for your daughter. After all, canvas prints for girls can serve as esthetic interior decorations but also a great form of self-expression.

Canvas prints for girls with any motive

Just like in the case of pink, there are some motives that are commonly associated with girlishness. Sure, many little ladies would enjoy designs featuring fairies, unicorns, and butterflies on their bedroom walls. However, canvas prints for girl's room should not impose such ideas. Perhaps your daughter will prefer a print depicting fierce pirates, brave cowboys and cowgirls, or strong knights. Myloview has perfect designs just for her!

In children's case, their everyday surrounding should always make them feel safe and comfortable. You can achieve that by adding attractive decorations which reflect your child's interests. Canvas prints for little girls are a perfect idea to customize a space and add some unique, personal character. Do not hesitate to ask your daughter about the types of designs she'd like to see on her walls. Even a short conversation about her tastes and passions can lead to many interesting canvas print ideas. This way you can avoid disappointment and ill-thought out gifts.

Timeless designs – universal canvas prints for girls

One of the greatest challenges you'll face when arranging your daughter's room is how quick the designs become outdated. If your six-year-old chooses a motive, you can be sure she will no longer like it a twelve, not to mention fourteen. Children grow up really fast and their tastes and interests change like a kaleidoscope. So how can we avoid having to replace the decorations every year? To solve this problem, you need to use universal motives, which remain appealing regardless of your child's age. This group includes, among others, all nature-inspired designs depicting flowers, trees, and gardens. Another great example are romantic or moody landscape canvas prints, which can be attractive for both little girls and teenagers. Finally, any abstract and geometric motive can also be considered timeless. In this case, the color makes or breaks the design, and a child's color preferences don't change as often as their interests.

Classic canvas prints for girl's room

Most of the aforementioned canvas print ideas try to break away the from well-established decorative patterns. However, originality doesn't have to be our only priority. That's why Myloview catalogue includes many designs which can be considered "classics" for a girl's bedroom. Many of them are inspired by animated movies, cartoons, fairytales, and stories of princesses and sorceresses. The characters are always friendly, happy, and colorful. They can liven up any space and make it more cheerful.