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You need retro posters? Myloview store has got you covered! We've collected hundreds of vintage poster designs in one place. You'll surely be able to pick something perfectly suitable for your apartment or office. We have retro vintage posters which will give you the sentimental vibe of cherished vintage objects, as well as retro movie posters which are sure to catch the eye of any classic cinema admirer. Decorating a wall with a retro style poster is one of the most reliable ways to make the interior much more cozy and infinitely more interesting at the same time. Moreover, although they appear old, they are actually produced with the use of modern materials and innovative technologies, which is why they'll serve their decorative purpose for many years to come without losing their exceptional quality!

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Retro posters: a decoration in the good old style

Anybody who has ever visited our store or read our blog is well aware of our almost philosophical fixation on the differences between retro and vintage. We could also add antiques to this mix, because it's another, separate category!

All right then, what's the difference between these three, seemingly similar concepts? Well, antiques are things which are very old. And we mean very old, so not like Backstreet Boys songs, but rather like pre-war photographs, or even a Louis XV era sofa. Vintage also refers to old objects, but not necessarily very old – they only have to appear used. Some people claim jokingly that vintage is just a swaggy way to say "visibly timeworn" – which obviously isn't true, as vintage objects are often very appealing! Just take a look at our retro vintage posters… What about retro, then? Retro is usually used to describe something that refers to old styles. Just like our retro wall posters, which oftentimes incorporate black and white or sepia colors, and depict old objects (antiques!) or portraits of people made to look like they were painted a long time ago. Retro posters are one of those decorations which will certainly work with any interior – see for yourself!

Like in the good old days: retro kitchen posters

What makes retro style posters so popular as a kitchen decoration? We have a few theories! One significant factor is that the kitchen – the heart of the home – is a place where we want to feel cozy, and old-style decorations – including retro kitchen posters – can guarantee us this feeling of coziness. They typically come in warm, pleasant colors, which tone in with the kitchen flawlessly. We especially recommend poster designs which are reproductions of old advertisements for food products or imitate them: they'll look absolutely fantastic! All our posters are printed on a high quality poster paper, using the innovative technology of permanent, odorless, nontoxic, latex print, which is why you can be sure that they'll easily survive despite the demanding kitchen conditions where they'll be exposed to moisture and high temperatures. However, don't forget to frame your decoration: this will protect it from accidental smudging!

For movie buffs: retro movie posters

Retro movie posters are one of the most popular types of posters in general – no wonder! Not only do they look incredible, they are also a great conversation starter: just ask your guests if they have seen and enjoyed a given movie, or maybe if they are fans of a particular movie genre… The popularity of retro movie posters is only increased by the fact that they come in so many different variants: they're as diverse as movies themselves! This is why they are a perfect decoration for any bedroom or living room, and – naturally – for any place connected to movies and cinematography, such as a cinema or a movie club meeting spot.

Retro wall posters as decorations for a cozy café

If there's onetype of interior where retro posters will always look gorgeous, it has to be a café. Why is that? For the same reason that retro kitchen posters are so popular: because a café by definition is a warm place, where we go to relax and spend time with friends and family in a comfy atmosphere. Retro style decorations, including retro vintage posters, are one of the most effective ways to achieve this effect. Remember that you can always go for more than one poster: consider hanging several posters on one wall to create a poster mini gallery, sharing a common motive (in this case a retro motive may work wonders!) Having a whole set of posters is not only very stylish, but also helpful when decorating a larger area – a useful tip if you happen to work with a more spacious interior.