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Wall sticker from your photo

Dogs and a cat sticker from a photo

Wall murals, canvas prints, posters and stickers made of your own photos. Upload a photograph and create your unique decoration!

  • What is the required resolution of photographs for printing?

    The minimum resolution is 1000x1000 pixels. Remember that the product will look better if the photo resolution is higher. If you are not sure if your photo is of good enough quality, please contact us at contact@myloview.com.

  • How much will it cost to print my photo?

    The price of a print depends on the type of product chosen (wall mural, canvas print, poster, sticker), type of material as well as the size of the decoration. After uploading a photo, you will be able to see all available printing options as well as their total cost.

  • Privacy policy

    We do not store the photos sent by our customers in a database. We do not share your photos with any third parties. The photographs are deleted immediately after completing or canceling an order. Your photos will also never be displayed anywhere on the Myloview store website.

Unique decoration for different surfaces
Photographic quality
Wide choice of sizes
Professional advice
Lake in the Dolomites sticker from a photo

Original, modern decorations: stickers with photos

Modern decorative solutions provide us with opportunities to conjure up truly unique and original interior design. Even the most daring and creative ideas are not outside your reach! One interesting option is transforming your own pictures into photographic wall stickers. This technique guarantees the preservation of the original charm and colour of the photos.

Are there any photos in your gallery that you always go back to? We’re positive that most of you can say “yes”. Perhaps you’d like to take your favourite picture (or a few of them) and use it to decorate your rooms and make them more interesting? You can easily do that thanks to stickers with photos. Any photograph can be made into a sticker. Perhaps you’ll opt for a picture taken during an afternoon walk, a meeting with friends, a family gathering or a relaxing afternoon in your garden. In this case, there are no wrong answers! Everything is acceptable as long as the sticker is appealing and matches your personal tastes. You can choose recent photos just as well as those taken many years ago. Both professional, artistic photographs and amateur ones have something to offer. If you wish to liven up your space, we recommend colourful photos but if your priority is atmosphere, you should opt for black-and-white ones. So take a dive into your private albums and digital galleries to find the best options!

Young couple sticker from a photo

Stickers with photos – decorations for all spaces!

Wall stickers offer diverse themes and unique aesthetics but they have one more advantage over other decorations. You can use them to beautify all kinds of surfaces, often with incredible effects. Such photographic galleries are most often used to decorate walls but that’s just one of many options.

Stickers with photos will look just as gorgeous in less typical places. You can easily use them to make your doors or windows much more interesting. There’s also no better way to rejuvenate and upcycle damaged or worn out furniture. Some people see them as a creative opportunity to customise the look of everyday appliances, e.g. their personal computers. All of those ideas can help you seamlessly introduce your appealing photographs into the décor. And since stickers with photos don’t take up much space, you can easily fit a few of them together on one surface. This allows you to conjure up a “mini-gallery” with photos featuring similar themes or colour schemes.

It’s a great way to decorate all kinds of surfaces, from walls to furniture to doors and window frames. Stickers with photos offer you a lot of freedom both when it comes to design and potential spaces you can decorate with them.