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Wall mural is a great solution for people who like modern, raw interiors and minimalistic decor. Thanks to an expressive design a room won’t need any additional decorations - a characteristic pattern will create a unique atmosphere within it by itself. A realistic wall wallpaper allows us to introduce this motif without a need to remove plaster off of walls or to apply stone wall coverings. It’s a quick and simple way to achieve a breath-taking effect that will fit nicely into industrial and rustic interiors. Wall mural, available in various designs, will delight every lover of unique solutions.

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Wall mural in several ways

For many people a wall mural is mainly a motif of a brick wall, but in fact they are available in many different variations. They can perfectly fit into various decoration styles. A vast selection of images available for wall wallpapers consists of 3D mural wall with images of timber framing, monastic gothic walls and frescos painted on a partially-plastered surfaces. Thanks to that, a wall mural is a great solution for Scandinavian, industrial or rustic interiors.

Colorful wall wallpaper for living rooms

White wall mural will fit nicely into a cool minimalistic interior in Scandinavian style. White walls, bright wooden furniture, wickerwork accessories and pastel accents will look great when combined with a white-painted brick wall. White wall mural with the same color scheme as the rest of walls, but with a different texture, will become an expressive solution that will differentiate a toned-down interiorMural wall with timber framing is a perfect choice for an industrial interior. For this type of space we offer a version with an unplastered brick wall. Red color will energize a space and complement raw interiors of old factories and production plants. Another great idea is a mural with an image of monastic walls. Bare gothic walls with characteristic slender windows decorated by tracery will fit nicely with concrete walls and toned-down color scheme. On the other hand, flowing lines of stone-carved decorations will become a counterbalance for simple and geometric form of furniture. But, if you’re a fan of a bit more modern art, wall murals bedroom with vibrant colors will surely fit your taste.

3d mural wall in a small living room

White wall mural will also fit smaller interiors. Small spaces of private rooms and offices can be easily decorated with a design of strongly diversified texture of a wall. Wall wallpaper with an image of a small wall in the middle of a field, build of irregular and protruding stones, will create a sense of depth. A multi-layered composition of a mural with an image of a meadow, wall and sky will make an interior seem much bigger than it actually is.

White wall mural in a minimalistic bedroom

A modern bedroom is a great place for an expressive decoration. No matter if it’s dominated by monochromatic shades or intensive colors, a characteristic motif of a white  brick wall will be a great background for a minimalistic décor. On the other hand, a wall muralfor bedroom will harmonize with a cozy interior decorated with soft accessories in form of a plush carpet or heavy curtains.  

3d mural wall in rustic interior

Wall wallpaper with timber framing design is basically a must have for interiors decorated in rustic style. A combination of a brick, or plastered wall and wooden construction elements creates a great mix of raw and natural materials. A wooden accent on mural will harmonize with furniture and folk figurines used to decorate an interior. A wall motif, depending on its design, will either introduce an expressive brick color, or a bright background for flower pattern on sofa’s upholstery and curtains. Another great solution for this type of interiors is white wall mural with design of irregular grey stones. This pattern reminds us of small, charming English houses and will look nice in a rustic interior decor.

Wall murals for kids

If we want to energize a child’s room, it’s worth to choose a mural with a characteristic and expressive design. Wall murals for kids in intensive color scheme will be a great fit for modern, colorful furniture. Depending on one’s taste, we can choose a design with a stylized writings, graphic portrait or landscape, or even a socially engaging design that refers to works by a cult street art artist – Banksy. Wall murals for kids with an imitation of a wall will surely appeal to every child’s taste.