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Coffee is a lot more than just a hot drink. It has an very interesting and long history and its use is associated with various customs and traditions in many places around the world.  Moreover, the beans of this aromatic plant look very appealing - just like the beverage that can be brewed from them. This is precisely why Myloview offers so many gorgeous decorations inspired by coffee.  One of the most interesting types of decorations that use the coffee motif are our stickers. You can use them to decorate different surfaces and interiors. Coffee wall stickers are one of the most popular decorative motifs because they look absolutely gorgeous in almost any space. Check out the wall stickers in action and see for yourself!

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Universal coffee wall stickers

If you think that all coffee-inspired decorations look pretty much the same then you'll soon change your mind. We're certain that you'll be positively surprised by the huge diversity of our coffee wall stickers. Coffee can be depicted in many different ways. In Myloview's catalogue you'll be able to find, among other things, photos of coffee beans and cups of coffee, sketches of coffee cups and dinnerware, or graphic designs with quotes about coffee.  Therefore, you should easily be able to find something suitable for your decorative tastes.  One of the greatest advantages of coffee wall stickers is their incredibly universal character. The gorgeous depictions of coffee can serve as dominant decorative elements but they can also simply be used to highlight the overall style of the interior. It all depends on your imagination and creativity. To make the task a bit easier, we've prepared a handful of ideas on how to use the coffee motif. Remember that even the simplest of decorations, like stickers, can be used in many different ways. For instance, a classic illustration of a coffee cup will work wonders in kitchens, living rooms, and offices. Designs which include quotes are equally universal - the positive message can be the first thing you see in the morning in your bedroom or, if you put it in the hallway, the last thing you see before going to work. What other ideas have we come up with? See for yourself down below!

Decorative coffee wall stickers as your irreplaceable breakfast companions

The kitchen is an interior with an immense (though often underappreciated) decorative potential. However, since it serves so many important practical functions, it's best to decorate it with modern accessories that don't take up too much space, such as our wall stickers. As far as motifs are concerned, coffee seems to be an obvious candidate that would mesh very well with the interior. But is it true for all possible designs? Or perhaps you should consider some specific wall stickers that are better for the kitchen? Coffee is an important part of many people's morning kitchen routine. For many, drinking a cup of coffee with breakfast is a necessity. That's precisely why designs depicting steaming hot coffee look especially gorgeous in the kitchen. Such a wall sticker will liven up the look of your space and make your mornings much more pleasant. Another great idea for the kitchen are designs with funny quotes about coffee,  which will help you easily create a homely, positive atmosphere in the whole space.

Creative coffee wall stickers as a decorative motif in different interiors

Decorations with coffee are not limited only to the kitchen. They can also successfully be used in different parts of the house. All you have to do is to choose the right design to match the character or the main decorative theme of your interior. For instance, if you're looking for something to decorate an elegant living room, we recommend a sticker with porcelain dinnerware. On the other hand, a coffee cup set against a characteristic landscape (e.g. panoramic view of Paris) can create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom or the office. When it comes to interiors decorated in the colonial, travel, or retro style it is worth considering designs with just coffee beans and not the beverage. After all, coffee beans on their own look a bit more exotic. Coffee cup stickers depicting coffee beans spilled on a table or inside a bag will effectively warm up the look of any space. They also go extremely well with furniture made of wicker or light wood. Those who cannot imagine eating a dessert without a cup of coffee will definitely find coffee cup sticker designs combining coffee and sweets appealing and original.