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We wouldn't want to burden this category with unnecessary philosophy (ok, maybe just a bit of philosophy, more about that down below!) so we'll make it clear:  the sole purpose of ornamental stickers is decoration!  After all, this is the etymology of the word "ornament": the Latin ornamentum simply means "decoration." Ornament stickers are therefore perfect for all interiors which seem to need something extra. These designs will help you whenever you feel your space is missing something "special" that would make it both pretty and really stylish. The fantastic richness of designs and colors in our furniture, wall, and other stickers (many of them include traditional nature-inspired designs, but there are also plenty of abstract patterns) ensures that anybody will find something to enjoy.

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Decoration for decoration's sake: ornament stickers

The exotically sounding word "ornament" derives from the Latin word ornare, which is a verb meaning "to decorate." The nominal form of the word, ornamentum, means nothing more than "a decoration." Taking all that into consideration, one might ask: aren't all stickers ornamental in nature? Well, yes! But also… no. There's a small but clear difference.

The word "ornament" signifies that an item's only purpose is decoration. The term is commonly found in architecture and art glossaries. It wouldn't exactly be correct to say that a brooch is a coat "ornament", or that a flower in a vase is an interior "ornament." However, since our stickers are designed to decorate architectural objects, such as walls and ceilings, we believe that they are ornaments in the true meaning of the word! What follows, this category features almost exclusively motifs and patterns suitable for purposes of traditional architectural and artistic decoration. These include the timeless classics, such as: We divided our ornament stickers into several subcategories based on motifs. Each one of them can serve a different decorative function.

Stylized flowers – ornament stickers with botanical inspirations

Floral motifs are probably the most popular decorative inspirations in history. There hasn't been a single century when they haven't been fashionable! Naturally, that makes floral ornament stickers one of the most diverse decorative categories. Be careful, though. There are some interiors where they don't look that great! The safest option is to use these stickers in arrangements which already match the style of the sticker. So if you're looking for a sticker to beautify a closet in your minimalistic living room, perhaps the elaborate, intricate flower patterns aren't the way to go. Instead, consider utilizing a simple antique-style leaf pattern.

On the other hand, when decorating a sentimental, shabby chic-style bedroom, try to avoid these simple, rough designs, but rather go for something inspired by the delicate patterns of historical tapestries, like the Victorian era cabbage roses.

Timeless geometry: straight and curved designs of ornament stickers

One great advantage of geometric designs is that they can remind you of everything and nothing at all at the same time! This quality makes geometric patterns suitable for all types of interiors, from the subtle, unobtrusive ones to those which bombard you with their unapologetic expressiveness. One of the most popular designs of the recent years is the zigzag chevron pattern, commonly used for both offices and children's bedrooms. A sticker with this pattern has the potential to radically transform the feel of the entire interior, especially if it features saturated, contrastive colors. But chevron is just one of many ornament stickers' designs. You can also opt for triangles, circles, rings, loops, even straight lines (which can be surprisingly decorative!), and many, many more.