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If you want to create a calm, cozy atmosphere that will help you clear your mind and make all of your guests smile, a dandelion clock sticker is a safe bet. You can use it in many different ways: in our catalogue you can find large dandelion wall stickers, which can be used to decorate large rooms, but also smaller stickers which can adorn a table top, fridge or even a laptop. Dandelion clocks are a universal motif, which works well in any kind of interiors. That's why we've created a sort of inspiration catalogue for you –  keep reading if you want to know how to use dandelion wall stickers to decorate an interior and make it one of a kind.    

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Evanescent things: dandelion clock stickers for your home or office

The common dandelion is one of the most controversial plants in the world. "Controversial?", you may ask, "How come it's controversial? After all, it's hard to find a plant more simple, plain and commonplace, it's essentially a weed!" Well, that's the secret!

Dandelions are a real nightmare for everyone who's obsessed with keeping a well-tended lawn with a neat carpet of grass (and the right type of grass!). Every time such a cheerful, little yellow sun disturbs the deep green background, these totalitarian gardeners take it as a personal insult. They swiftly remove it before the blowball develops so that it doesn't spread the seeds all over the garden. However, there are also people who think that there's nothing more romantic than a dandelion and who think that the delicate balls made of little " fluff umbrellas" are one of the cutest things you can imagine. Since you clicked on dandelion clock designs in our catalogue, we are positive that you're one of such people. We'll show you how a dandelion wall sticker (and other types of stickers) can be used to create a pleasant and ethereal atmosphere in many different interiors.

Dandelion clocks wall stickers: ideal for a small child's room

When you're trying to find decorations for a small child's room – be it small or slightly older – you probably look for something that will, above all, look good when your child is a baby and when they become a preschooler or even a pupil. Dandelion stickers are a perfect choice, since they are adorable and charming but also cheerful and interesting! Their main advantage is that they'll never look too infantile: floral patterns don't have anything that make them too childish but at the same time they can be associated with childlike frivolousness and happiness. A lot of parents will be happy about the fact that they can use dandelions wall stickers to decorate both a boy's room and a girl's room, so it'll be also ideal if your children have siblings.

Dandelion clocks stickers as decorations for the bathroom and kitchen

All of our stickers – even the subtle and evanescent ones like dandelion wall stickers – are made with a purpose of providing the best possible quality with particular attention to their endurance and resistance to harmful factors, such as high temperature, exposure to sun or moisture. Therefore, our dandelion clocks wall stickers (and more) can be used to beautify such interiors like the kitchen or bathroom, which are usually believed to be problematic in decoration. Such a sticker can look especially good on a fridge or the outside of the shower cabin!

Atmospheric bedroom light as puff

If we had to pick a room where dandelion clocks wall stickers look the best, we would without a shadow of a doubt choose the bedroom. Why? Because the lightness and charm of dandelions fit in here exceptionally well! A dandelion wall sticker can serve as a decorative head of the bed to create a pleasant atmosphere at minimal cost and with little effort. You can also consider using dandelion clock stickers to decorate big closet doors in your bedroom.

A romantic-style coffee shop? Put dandelions stickers on the wall!

A coffee shop is a place where we go to relax and meet our friends in a pleasant atmosphere. It's makes sense that the interior should aid relaxation and, at the same time, encourage potential customers to come inside, which is absolutely essential for business. That's why dandelion clock stickers are a great option: they'll help you create a sentimental, nice aura that will captivate all guests!