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Black and white poster

Wall posters have recently undergone an incredible change. Until recently, they were mainly associated with colorful, low quality pictures that could be found in teen magazines in the 80s. and 90s. Today, they have conquered our living rooms and bedrooms; they appear in restaurants and cafes and the high quality of materials and print make them look like the true works of art. Decorative posters are experiencing their own renaissance and we must say – we’re very glad they do!

Original wall posters

In the past, posters were mainly associated with images of pop stars or the newest models of cars, as those were the most popular motifs. These days, wall posters may depict anything we want - from art reproductions, painted landscapes of nature and modern cities, to artistic pictures of dancers that remind us of paintings by Edgar Degas. The number of depictions available in our store make it easy to find a decoration that will fit minimalist, colonial and classic interiors. We’re give your access to necessary tools, but it strictly depends on you which posters you’ll choose and what kind of decor you will create!

Typography poster

Movie posters for movie fans

Posters fit nicely into modern interiors. If you enjoy expressive decorations in simple forms, then choose movie posters of your favorite comedies, horrors or dramas, instead of a patterned wallpaper.Thanks to that, you will easily fit a perfect design for your living room – not only will it be a stylish decoration, but also an element that will be significant for you. It doesn’t matter whether you fell in love with indie productions or Hollywood blockbusters - a poster with your favorite characters, or an artistic image from a film set, will become a timeless decoration that you can enjoy for many years. Movie posters are also a great idea for a child’s bedroom. In this case, it’s worth to choose posters for children depicting their favorite cartoons, thanks to what the room will fill up with a pleasant atmosphere. What if you can’t decide which character to choose? If your child’s room is sufficiently large, choose two or three posters for children. There are no limits for child’s room decoration. The more color and accessories, the better!

Watch your words – posters with quotes

Words can have an incredible power. And, although it is said that what we do counts most, we’re sure that a good joke, aphorisms or folk saying can do more good than actions. Posters with quotes are a great way to implement a discreet decorative element into your décor – an element that, besides its aesthetic function, will also be incredibly practical. This type of posters will fit nicely into every space of your house, and even outside of it – in an office or a cafe. A famous quote from a Greek philosopher, motivational lines, or even just a single word printed on a poster can help you wake up every day in a great mood, drink your morning coffee with a smile on your face and, in your office, make you energized and ready for work. Posters with quotes are available in different variations, thanks to what you will easily find a design that will match the style of your interior.  You may select a minimalist black font on white background, colorful hand-written lines that are a decoration in their own right, or a text printed on an image of nature or patterned design. The options are countless. Thus, we’re leaving you with our posters and we hope that with our help you will create your dream interior!