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The bamboo is one of those incredible plants which seem completely ordinary at first, but turn out to be infinitely fascinating after taking a closer look. Bamboo murals have a similar effect. When you see one for the first time, it seems quite generic, but after a while, you discover its true value and realize how perfectly designed bamboo wall murals really are. They're natural, yet minimalistic, neutral but still expressive enough to add some unique character (as well as some Asian flavor!) to any interior you decide to use them for! This kind of mural is suitable to decorate many different types of interiors, both private and corporate.

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Top-notch grass: bamboo forest wall murals

In a way, a bamboo mural is just like bamboo shoots themselves… No, it's definitely not made of bamboo fiber! Although it does seem like an interesting idea – we might consider it in the future...

How are they similar? Consider this: what makes bamboo so different from other plants? Well, first and foremost, the speed of its growth. Saying that something is so boring that you'd rather watch grass grow takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to bamboo. The plant grows at such terrific speed, it's really possible to see the process with the naked eye! And you don't even need to stare at it for too long. It only takes an hour, and in some cases even as little as fifteen minutes, to see it gain a few inches in height. What's more, even though it's technically a type of grass, bamboo is unbelievably sturdy. In some areas of the world, it is used not only to build scaffoldings, but also entire houses! That's the aspect in which bamboo wall murals are so similar: they also "grow" instantaneously, because it only takes a few minutes to hang one, even for those who haven't had anything to do with tapestry in their life. Just like the bamboo, the murals are extremely durable: they can be even used in places where decorative conditions are far from ideal.

How to use bamboo murals?

One thing that makes bamboo murals different from real bamboo is without a doubt their widespread use. As long as you choose an appropriate surface, you can put a mural up in any private or corporate space around the world, while the real bamboo is for the most part confined to Asia... But enough with the jokes! Instead, let's think of how bamboo-themed murals can be used to decorate apartments and much more. We've prepared a few suggestions!

Bamboo wall murals for the kitchen – Asian cuisine is more than just sushi!

If you're looking for a subtle design to liven up your kitchen, bamboo motives might just be the perfect solution. Choose bamboo forest wall murals depicting bamboo shoots in neutral color schemes. Maybe instead of photographs, consider graphic designs reminiscent of traditional Japanese ink drawings. A black-and-white or beige color scheme will be suitable for almost any kitchen arrangement: it won't bring any color to their design, but it will certainly add an interesting pattern! You can put the mural in the space between upper and lower kitchen cabinets. This way, the mural will not only look more appealing, but it will also visually enlarge the space, making the ceiling appear a bit higher than it really is!

Asian-style relaxation: a bamboo mural and stones for a spa or a beauty salon

Anyone who reads beauty blogs and glossy magazines knows that Japanese and Korean beauty care techniques are currently gaining in popularity. No wonder that more and more beauty and spa salons want to express the Asian inspirations behind their businesses. A mural depicting bamboo and stones, which have a lot to do with Zen esthetics, seems to be perfect for these types of places. It provides a subtle decorative element and enhances the atmosphere of serenity and relaxation. Even if you opt for a colorful version of the mural (and not a grayscale or sepia image like in the case of the kitchen), you're still going to achieve a stylish, minimalist effect thanks to this classic East Asian combination.

In a bamboo grove: a bamboo forest wall mural for a restaurant

If you're planning to decorate a bar or a restaurant with Asian food on the menu, a bamboo forest wall mural is just what you need! A bamboo grove motive is ideal for decorating large spaces. It introduces both an interesting design and a lively color into the interior (unless you prefer a black-and-white or neutral color scheme.) It also provides a reference to the origin of the cuisine you're serving, without being too straightforward. Our murals are perfectly suitable for all kinds of small and large gastronomic establishments. They are certified as completely non-toxic and they don't give off any unpleasant smells, which could make your guests lose their appetite, at any point in their lifetime.


A children’s room in the attic: inspiration for parents

A children’s room in the attic: inspiration for parents

Sometimes, converting an old attic into a child’s room is the only way to provide our little ones with their own space for playtime and learning. And, although the idea of an attic room for children may remind us of the stories about poor orphans and horrid conditions they were forced to live in, we’d like to show you that with just a couple of great attic room ideas you can change this type of interior into the most interesting space of the entire house!