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Modern interior design fashion is oftentimes inspired by nature. It's an interesting trend, which results in creation of incredibly attractive decorations based on the most beautiful natural motifs. One of such motifs can be seen in murals with bamboo. Though these types of images are most commonly associated with oriental esthetics, they can actually be used in many different arrangements. We're happy to share some of our decorative ideas in this short text. See for yourself what immense decorative potential lays in bamboo wall murals and get ready to be surprised by all the amazing possibilities they open, especially since the design catalogue at Myloview is so diverse.

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Green mural: bamboo forest wall mural in any interior

For anybody living in the temperate climate bamboo forest will appear as something exotic, original, and therefore attractive. Having such a marvelous view in your home is now easier than ever. You just need a suitable bamboo wall mural. One thing that a thick bamboo forest motif does exceptionally well is introducing a lot of soothing green into an interior. What follows, we recommend these designs especially in rooms where you usually relax, such as the bedroom or the living room. In both cases, simplicity is the way to go. A basic bamboo forest wall mural design already presents a breathtaking view, so you don't need to overcomplicate the arrangement. These classic murals are made using authentic photographs, which is why they are perfect for recreating the atmosphere of peace and quiet from the Far East.

Bamboo wall mural as a cooking companion in the kitchen!

When designing interiors for a new apartment, people sometimes forget about the kitchen. They often disregard its esthetic potential and instead go for the simplest, most practical solutions. There is, however, one easy way to avoid monotony in your kitchen. You can completely change the feel of the room with a single, original decoration, such as the aforementioned bamboo murals. Your kitchen will gain some oriental character and the design will be a perfect match for all lighter elements, e.g. the fridge, cabinets, or the stove. A natural motif in the kitchen will also have other beneficial effects. The green color of bamboo stems will make the space more positive and less overbearing. What's more, you don't even have to use a large decoration to achieve the desired effect. A bamboo forest wall mural will be an expressive eye-catcher even if you decide on a smaller format.

Mural with bamboo – a perfect complement for oriental interiors

Oriental decorations have been fashionable for many years. People enjoy them due to their original esthetic and the unique atmosphere of the Far East which can be created with their help. When arranging this type of interior you have to consider both furniture and decorations. If you're looking for something that will serve as the proverbial cherry on top, a bamboo wall mural in the form of a drawing will be a perfect solution. Alternatively, we also recommend a thematic combination of bamboo and water, e.g. a design depicting water droplets flowing down bamboo stems. Bamboo graphics are usually more subtle than photographs, which makes them great for less expressive interiors and delicate arrangements.

Minimalist bamboo mural with a white background

Browsing through the collection of murals with bamboo in Myloview's catalogue, you might notice many simple designs which depict only stems and leaves against white background. Despite the fact that these designs could seem lacking in terms of esthetics at first glance, it is exactly their minimalist style that makes them work so well. We recommend them especially for decorating large interiors, e.g. living rooms. A minimalist mural with bamboo in such a space will have several benefits. The room will become much more original while remaining universal and inviting in character. However, the living room is not the only place where this technique can be used. Another interesting idea is introducing white background bamboo designs into the bathroom. The image will serve as a fresh, oriental accent and a source of lively green color, which can brighten up the space. And speaking of bathrooms, you can also opt for "Zen-style" murals featuring bamboo stems as well as smooth, water-polished stones.

A children’s room in the attic: inspiration for parents

A children’s room in the attic: inspiration for parents

Sometimes, converting an old attic into a child’s room is the only way to provide our little ones with their own space for playtime and learning. And, although the idea of an attic room for children may remind us of the stories about poor orphans and horrid conditions they were forced to live in, we’d like to show you that with just a couple of great attic room ideas you can change this type of interior into the most interesting space of the entire house!