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Retro murals introduce optimism, happiness, and charm straight from the 50s and the 60s into any interior. This wall decoration in a soft, pastel color scheme will enhance the expressive character of your space. Add some romantic character to your bedroom using subtle, floral compositions! Complement the look of your elegant sofa with an atmospheric Eiffel Tower mural or a black-and-white photograph, reminiscent of old movies. Our online store offers a plethora of patterns, from flowers to polka dots and many other ornamental designs. The variety of choice will let you find a perfect retro wall mural for your unique interior design.

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Retro murals: the charm of colors

Retro murals are characterized by either pastel, or intense, saturated color schemes. When used as decorations, photographs in muted colors add a romantic character to any interior. Colorful graphic designs, on the other hand, amplify the expressiveness of a room.  Subtle pink or violet are a suitable choice for a bedroom decorated with rosy patterns, hand-carved, whitewashed furniture, and lace. Brighter decorations (aquamarine, yellow, and blue) can successfully be used to liven up a kitchen. Such photographic accents highlight the dazzling beauty of sheer curtains, ceramic accessories, and wooden vintage kitchen utensils. Additionally, they fill spaces with positive, cheerful energy. Rainbow-colored retro murals provide a fantastic dinner setting and make kitchens feel much cozier.

Romantic spirit and optimism: retro motives

Our online store offers a great variety of retro wall murals – browsing through our diverse motives you're guaranteed to find a wall decoration that perfectly matches both a classic-style sofa and an old-fashioned couch covered with colorful, decorative cushions. You might consider a design depicting a retro bicycle. This lovely pedal-driven vehicle with a cute flowery basket will add a lot of grace and appeal to any room. Wall murals inject life into toned-down spaces and highlight the beauty of floral patterns. Retro bicycle murals can also be used to decorate an empty wall and make the arrangement more attractive. Our retro-inspired motives and designs also include balloons floating up towards the sky, as well as delicate little butterflies, which are able to enchant anyone who sees them. For a traditional living room, you might want to use a black-and-white or sepia-colored retro mural. Such a decoration will bring some nostalgia into the interior and add to its romantic atmosphere.

Retro murals: expressive designs

If you're a fan of retro-style decorative accents, you can fill your rooms with old-time charm using a suitable wall decorations with an expressive geometrical pattern. We offer you polka dotted, striped, or checked retro wall murals. These types of graphic accents improve the expressive character of an interior. They look best when combined with furniture and accessories with smooth texture. Pink polka dots are a fantastic idea to decorate a child's bedroom. Striped patterns produce amazing effects in the living room, and checked retro-style murals serve well as a background for a bright kitchen cabinet.

Floral compositions: interior designs full of grace

Not only do retro flower murals look gorgeous in vintage-style interiors, but they may be used to decorate classic, elegant, or eclectic spaces as well. Floral compositions always make rooms appear more beautiful. Imagine your home decorated with elegant roses, noble tulips, or alluring poppies. For a kitchen, consider using a mural with pink flowers against a blue background. It's a perfect recipe for a fancy but tasteful look. The colors of the mural will match whitewashed furniture well. Flowery designs are also an amazing way to complement wooden details, ceramic vases, and pastel accessories. They highlight the cuteness of pink accents in interior design.