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Animals canvas prints are one of our favorites - do you know why? Because there are countless of reasons for loving animals! Let’s focus on how cute, beautiful and majestic they are. Not all of them, of course, and usually not all that at the same time (although most dog owners wouldn’t agree with us on this one) – but many of them are. We’ve collected images of the most eye-catching animals and created our animal canvas prints: some incredibly beautiful, some surprisingly adorable, and some a bit dangerous, predatory and majestic. Animals canvas prints will be a great decoration for most interiors: they will fit apartments and company offices, as well as many other types of interiors.


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Fluffy, feathered, scaly and other: canvas prints animals

If we were to believe, the most favorite animals in the world would be tiger, panther, jaguar, wolf and leopard. Something tells us those results are fake: it’s impossible that among the world’s favorite animals there are no pets, such as dogs and cats! We must admit that their “top five” animals are often used on our animals canvas prints – and that’s not surprising! They are wild, majestic and, if we may say so about an animal, very photogenic. Wild animal canvas prints – especially the ones with felines – are just a small portion of all designs we have in our animal collection. Our canvas prints animals are almost as diverse as the animal kingdom itself! That’s exactly why you can apply them in many different places. Where exactly? We’ve prepared a couple of options just for you!

Canvas prints animals: a stylish decoration of a living room

Hundreds of years ago, a horse painting was an absolute must for every elegant living room and office. Horses were a symbol of noble traditions and sophistication: perhaps, that’s why horse images were so fashionable! These days, we have broaden the field of our animal inspirations and started improving our living rooms with depiction of various animals (although horses are still quite a popular choice). While decorating a living room, it’s worth to choose animal print canvas wall art with bigger animals – for example the abovementioned wild cats, dolphins, birds with beautiful feathers…

If your living room is decorated in a particular style, you can emphasize it by choosing canvas prints animals with depictions associated with the chosen style: for example, elephants, lions and giraffes for African style, horses and farm animals for rustic style and shabby chic, zebras and other black and white animals for minimalist style… The possibilities are countless! Wild animal canvas prints are currently very trendy: have you noticed how omnipresent the designs with foxes and deer have been lately? Apply this trend to your space by hanging animals canvas prints in your bedroom – and prepare for a long-lasting trendiness, since animal motifs rarely go out of fashion!

Large animal canvas prints: a perfect decoration of a child’s room

Almost every adult like animals: but it’s children that absolutely love them! Every child goes through a phase of real obsession with horses or ponies (especially little girls), aquarium fish, stick-bugs or dinosaurs (after all, they’re animals, too). Large animal canvas prints will be a dream decoration of every child’s room. You can choose the easy way and simply decorate one of the walls with a canvas print of your child’s favorite animal, but it’s definitely worth going one step further and using animal canvas prints as an element of themed interior designs!

You can either follow the example of prince George, who is said to have his bedroom decorated in safari style, with safari animal canvas prints, or you can choose something inspired by the local landscape: for example, apply wild animal canvas prints with depictions of woodland creatures, such as squirrels, foxes, woodpeckers and deer into your interior to create a magical forest in your child’s room. Wild animal canvas print are a good solution for child’s room decoration even if you’re not planning a complex thematic interior design!

Study aid for biology class – animals canvas prints in school and preschool

Natural sciences or biology classrooms are ideal places to use canvas prints animals: not only will they show children how all of the animals they’ve been learning about in class look like, but also will decorate and improve the look of classrooms! Wild animal canvas prints with depictions of steppe, mountain and many other types of creatures, especially the endangered ones, will help to spark  interest in natural environment issues – and that’s a very useful task! It’s worth to use not only the jungle animal canvas prints, but also ones with house and farm animals, to show their place in the world of nature and refer to what our children know from their own experiences. It doesn’t matter if you’ll choose small and adorable or big and scary, wild, aquatic, land, or farm animal canvas prints, you can be sure of one thing: the quality of our products will not let you down! All of our products are printed with use of the modern HP Latex technology. Thanks to that, the prints have natural and perfectly vivid colors that last for many years, even in brightly lit interiors.