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Listening to Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons we cross the narrow streets and winding channels of Venice. This fascinating city provides us with a wealth of inspiration, which we transform into murals of Venice. A panorama in the form of a Venice mural will be an attractive addition to a classic interior arrangement that adds a large dose of romantic atmosphere.  On the other hand, a Venice wall mural with gondolas is a way to break up the cold feel of a very modern interior. Embark on a journey through Venice, and as you discover its true beauty, take it with you to your own space!

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Venice wall mural – a recipe for a unique interior

How can you not fall in love with Venice. The wonderful architecture, sunny weather and the interesting history of the city make Venice one of the most popular places on the Italian tourist map. A romantic view of Venice at night featured on a mural is a proposal for those who would like to add a distinct style and character of their home. Ideal for the bedroom – a Venice mural applied to the wall behind the headboard will replace other graphic decorations. A large-format print will bring back memories of a visit to this magical city, or awaken your imagination and make the journey to Venice your greatest dream....

Discover Venice from a gondola and find inspiration

Gondolas are the most characteristic symbols of the city, and tourists cannot resist the temptation to travel in these narrow boats. Interestingly, gondolas were introduced to improve the transportation of goods – utilizing the waterways was simply very convenient. Nowadays, there are about 600 gondolas on the Grande Canal. Goldolas are the key accent on Venice wall murals. You can use this wall mural design for example in a spacious living room decorated in a minimalist style. Combine it with industrial-style furniture to emphasize the modern style. However, if you want to keep a little warmth, don't be afraid to implement rustic accessories. A 3D Venice mural will complement a classic dining room. Imagine a daily breakfast overlooking St. Mark's Square....

Murals featuring Venetian masks and carnival colors for your apartment

The Venetian Carnival is a tradition dating back to the 11th century. Maschere, or masked people, dance and walk through the streets of the city, celebrating sometimes for up to 180 days! A Venetian mask mural is a great solution for example for a girl's room. Apply the graphic to a fragment of a wall. But such impressive Venice wall murals are not only suitable for apartments. They can be used for example in schools. We are sure that an atmospheric, colorful view of the city can inspire anyone! After all, Venice is the homeland of Marco Polo and Antonio Vivaldi, an inspiration for true geniuses, including William Shakespeare, Claude Monet and Thomas Mann.

A bit of romanticism in a Venice by night wall mural

It is thought that the panorama of Paris looks best after dark. We believe that Venetian views are on par! A mural featuring the streets of Venice or a black and white, old-world Venice mural showing the city after dark will suit any interior that lacks a finishing touch. The romantic emotions of the city captured on a mural will also be felt by those who live there – decorate your bedroom or living room. 
Venice is not without reason called the "City of Bridges" – even the oldest inhabitants do not know how many footbridges hang over the water canals. It is estimated that there are about 400 of them! The most famous is the Rialto Bridge over the Canal Grande. Tourists also love the view of the modernised Constitution Bridge. But the real number one is the Bridge of Sighs. This small structure connects the Doge's Palace with a new prison, and its famous image is connected with 19th century literature. According to the artists and writers of the Romantic period, the Bridge of Sighs was the only place where prisoners longingly awaited freedom. Sighing and despairing for the world they lost, they admired the stunning panorama of Venice. A Venice mural featuring the Bridge of Sighs will add a nostalgic, calm character to any interior.