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Many people associate space mainly with a huge, infinite emptiness, interspersed with the odd planet, star or galaxy. And this image is not unfounded – after all, there are huge expanses of ... well ... nothing between individual celestial objects. When viewed from the right perspective, the cosmos is not only not empty, it is also infinitely fascinating and diverse – each of our space posters shows precisely that! Our collection depicts the many faces of space! A poster depicting stunningly beautiful celestial bodies will look great in your apartment, company office or other interior!

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Back from the stars: space poster not only for the home!

In the language of the ancient Greeks, the word cosmos meant order, but also the beauty that comes from it. That's why the words 'cosmos' and 'cosmetics' sound alike: they stem from the same word! And why did the Greeks think space was beautiful? Because, looking at the sky, they saw that all the celestial bodies move through space with the reliability and grace of a well-functioning mechanism, without colliding with one another, changing their orbits – always unchanged. Perfectly orderly. Nowadays, we know much more about the Universe than even the most learned ancient Greeks, so we realize that not everything about it is as orderly and pretty as it might seem from the Earth. At the same time, we know that the Cosmos hides much more beauty, mysteries and charm than we have ever imagined. We hope that we have managed to capture that at least to some degree in each of our space posters – we also hope that they will introduce an atmosphere of a truly cosmic adventure into your home!

Space poster: where will it work?

Cosmic designs can be used to decorate your home in at least a few different ways. The character and style of the interior in which you want to hang your poster are the decisive factors! For obvious reasons, a space poster will look best in a modern and minimalist interior – but that doesn't mean there's no place for it in rooms decorated in other styles. We suggest using a distinctive, colorful cosmic design as a color accent in an interior that would benefit from a splash of color: it will look fantastic on a white or grey wall!

3D space poster – the perfect decoration for a small room

Nowadays, most of us face the problem insufficient living space – our homes are usually smaller than we would like or need them to be. And small apartments are a real plague! And although we can't offer you more space, we can suggest ways to make every room look bigger: by way of a 3D space poster! The bigger, the better. What does space have to do with giving an interior are more spacious feel? It's simple: if you hang a space poster on one of the walls, it will have the same effect as a mirror. It will extend the perspective, making the whole room seem much bigger, because your eye, instead of stopping on the wall, will be drawn into the poster. It is obviously just an illusion, unfortunately... But it's enough for your brain to be deceived into thinking that the room is a little bigger than it really is – and that's the whole point, isn't it?

Space poster in a child or teenager's room

Although many adults are enthusiasts of science fiction, this genre is most popular among children and young people. What will always work great in the room of a child or teenager who loves Star Wars, for example? A space motif! A poster is one of those decorations that will work just as well when used solo, simply as a stylish element of interior decoration, and when it forms part of a theme. The latter option is particularly interesting because wall decorations work great with decor inspired by many different motifs: from space as such, through astronauts and aliens, to images from the child's favorite science fiction novel or movie. Simply complement the poster with other decorations with the same theme such as toys, bedding, curtains, lamp, books – and you'll create a wonderful themed arrangement that will delight your child! And, what is very important, it will not require any advanced DIY skills from the parent... Just to remind you that our space-themed posters are completely non-toxic, odorless and safe for your health (and the environment), which makes them even more suitable for children's rooms!