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 If you value nature and love animals, then animal murals are a great idea for decoration of your closest space. Such eye-catching and universal decoration will work great in every space. Although, for many people, the expressiveness of animal motifs makes them seem difficult to implement into décor, it’s actually one of their undeniable advantages. Wallpaper with animals will change a regular plain room into a spicy, bold interior. If you’re wondering which motif will be best for your interior, go down the page and read about how to fit animal murals into a given style.

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Animal mural in a small and big living rooms

Choosing a fitting animal mural for your interior is a serious decision. This type of decoration becomes a crucial feature of space, that’s why it’s best to make sure that a mural not only presents our love for given species, but also fits our decor. While searching for a perfect motif, pay attention to a couple of basic features of the decorated space, like lighting, size, color scheme and style. By taking them into account we can be sure that animal mural will fit perfectly.

  • LIGHTING. Dark living room can be a real decorative challenge. If our space lacks light, it’s good to choose animals wallpaper in bright and vivid colors. A good option would be either exotic parrots with colorful feathers, or rainbow-like insects with shimmering wings.
  • SIZE. In case of a smaller interiors, animal mural depicting a monumental elephant or a herd of bison won’t be a good idea. A multi-figured composition and large silhouette of an animal will overwhelm your room and will disrupt it’s proportions. In case of smaller spaces, it’s best to choose animal mural with a single animal or with a close-up to one of its parts: a colorful eye of an insect or a multicolored peacock feather.
  • COLOR SCHEME. Wallpaper with animals shouldn’t clash with the colors of your interior. If your living room is decorated in modern monochromatic style, then basically any kind of design will be a good choice. But if your room is filled with colors, a black and white horse mural will harmonize the color palette and make your room look more elegant.
  • STYLE. If you’ll arrange a room according to suggestions above, then animal wallpaper will look good in basically every type interior. But there are some décor styles that are best for this type of decoration. For colonial style interiors the best fit will be images of exotic animals such as lions, tigers or elephants. Scandinavian style can be emphasized by depictions of wolves and white foxes. In rustic style, dominated by heavy wooden furniture, mural birds will make the space look much lighter.

Birds mural in a small kitchen

Animal wallpaper is also a good option for small kitchens. Small size of a space doesn’t have to stand in a way of creating an interesting and original decoration. So, if you want to optically increase the size of your interior then jungle animals wall mural will be a perfect choice. Additionally, by selecting depictions of tiny exotic birds, we’ll make their colorful feathers attract our attention away from the small size of our kitchen.

Animals wallpaper in millions of different ways

While browsing through 3D animals mural collection you will notice that there are a couple of main styles and types of animal depictions. Once we realize that, it will be easier for us to maneuver through the jungle of offers and select animal mural that will best fit our interior.

Among the most common depictions, we can distinguish:

  • black and white animal images
  • colorful depictions of exotic species
  • minimalistic images that present just one animal against its natural environment
  • details and designs that will emphasize coats specific species or texture of their skin

Wallpaper with animals in a children’s room

While decorating a child’s room, we should listen to our little ones’ wishes. No matter which animal they like best,  wallpaper with animals with their favorite critter will look great. The size of a room, whether it’s big or small, shouldn’t affect your decision. In a child’s room, all of safari animals wall mural will look great and delight every little animal enthusiast.