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If you love nature and animals, you'll definitely enjoy murals with animals as decorations for your rooms. This universal, eye-pleasing motif can be used in many types of interiors. Though some might think that animal motifs are difficult to work with due to their expressive character, we believe this expressiveness to be their greatest advantage. Animal murals will transform any regular, nondescript room into a space that's a bit more wild. The category features many different designs in various styles. If you're not sure which design will work best in your specific interior, this article will help you choose the best possible decoration for the style you're aiming for.

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Animal murals: decorations for small and large living rooms

Choosing a suitable mural for your interior is an important decision. These decorations tend to define the character of the whole room. When it comes to animal motifs, you should definitely consider your favorite species but also the overall style of the space you're decorating. When browsing through various designs, keep in mind the basic characteristics of your room, such as its lighting, size, color scheme, and style. If you manage to consider all of these factors, you ensure that your mural with animals will look absolutely gorgeous.

LIGHTING A darker living room can pose some serious challenges when it comes to decoration. If there's not enough light in your room, consider using murals featuring bright, lively colors. Some of the best designs of this type include exotic parrots with colorful plumage or rainbow insects with shiny wings.

SIZE It's never a good idea to use an image of a giant elephant or a herd of bison in a cozy space. Complex compositions of big animals will completely overwhelm the room, make it seem overbearing, and disturb the decorative balance. The effect will be much better if you opt for minimalistic wall murals depicting only one animal or even one aspect of an animal. Examples of such designs include a rainbow-colored insect eye or a beautiful peacock feather. You can also optically enlarge your room if you use 3D animal murals featuring a breathtaking landscape of your choice.

COLOR SCHEME The animal motif you choose should not clash with the rest of the interior. If your living room is decorated in a modern, monochromatic style, you have nothing to worry about because any design will be suitable. However, if you're decorating a lively, colorful space, consider using e.g. a black-and-white horse design to balance out the colors and make the room more elegant.

STYLE The aforementioned tips should help you find an appropriate design for any type of interior. However, there are certain styles that seem to be made with these large-format decorations in mind. Forest animal murals will be a great highlight in the Boho style. For the colonial style, we recommend depictions of wild, exotic animals such as lions, tigers, or elephants. A Scandinavian-style room will be a perfect place for images of wolves and white foxes. Finally, bird motifs will work wonders in a rustic living room dominated by sturdy, wooden furniture.

A million ideas for original animal murals

If you browse through the different designs of murals with animals, you'll quickly notice that there are a few main types of images. Once you realize that fact it'll be much easier to find your way in the maze of ideas and choose the ones that are most suitable for your interior.

The four most popular types of designs include:

- black-and-white animal depictions, which are perfect for balancing out colorful spaces and can be a source of style and elegance,

- colorful depictions of exotic species, which work best as intriguing decorations in minimalistic interiors,

- animal portraits, featuring only one animal in its natural habitat,

- details and patterns highlighting specific characteristics of a species, such as coat color.

Birds and parrots for a cozy kitchen

Animal motifs are also a fantastic idea for a cozy kitchen. The small space is not an issue as long as you decorate it in an interesting, original way. You can optically enlarge the interior using 3D animal murals, especially those depicting flying creatures, such as parrots. What's more, thanks to the colorful plumage of these small, exotic species of birds you'll never even notice that the kitchen is actually small.

Animal murals for children who love nature

The most important rule of decorating a child's room is listening to the child's opinion. The easiest way out is to go for a mural with animals depicting the species your kids love the most. Whether the room is large or not shouldn't really influence the decision. Murals with animals for children will still be a fantastic decorative idea, which is beneficial for their development and eliminates the need for any other accessories, such as posters or canvas prints. For a small animal lover, any design will look amazing and become a source of joy.