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Dog is man’s best friend – it’s hard to imagine a more banal sentence. But it’s true! Dogs are faithful, caring, cheerful, sweet, wise and…what’s going to interest us here most of all, photogenic. That’s why our dog canvas prints are so adorable! Well, at least some of them are adorable: others are majestic, joyful, dynamic… It all depends on what dog they are presenting! If you adore these wonderful animals and are planning to decorate your home accordingly, dog canvas prints are just what you need – they’ll complement all sorts of interiors! Thinking about how to use an oil print of dogs as a decoration? We’ve prepared a few ideas for you!

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Cat lovers, get out of the way! Dog canvas art

In the foyer of the so-called House of the Tragic Poet in Pompeii there is large mosaic depicting a dog on a chain lying down on guard with the caption “Cave canem,” meaning, as we would say today – “Beware of dog” (or more precisely “guard against the dog”). Despite the quite portentous caption, the dog looks quite friendly. The conclusion? People as early as the Romans liked to decorate their homes with dog wall art (this assuredly not being the only case!), so why not take a page from their book? The wolf’s cousin has accompanied us for millennia. Throughout this time, dozens or even hundreds of breeds have – sometimes naturally, sometimes by virtue of intentional crossing and breeding – popped into existence, each with their own appearance, personality traits, strength, temperament… And they’re all so sweet and have their own admirers! This great diversity in dog breeds means our canvas prints featuring purebreds (or totally non-purebreds) are equally diverse! Here you’ll find something for every interior – it’s just a matter of choosing the right motif.

Very shabby chic: adorable dog canvas prints for equally adorable interiors

Even the greatest, most powerful dogs can be cute – so what’s to be said about those small, fluffy, feisty ones? A canvas print with sweet Malteses is ideal for decorating a living room whose design has been inspired by that sentimental in spirit, slightly rustic style known as shabby chic. Dog portraits in boudoirs have a long tradition, so perhaps your own canvas prints with purebreds (ideally with lapdogs like shih tzus or yorks!) will find their way to your bedroom walls?

Four paws: canvas prints with dogs and cats for the kid’s room

Images of animals in a home interior will never look as good as they do in a child’s room. And that’s not only because children love animals, but also because those cartoon images perfectly fit the fun, joyful atmosphere of this space! What’s more, if you throw in some cats, you can create an adorable, funny decoration whose leading theme will be household pets – or just animals in general! It’s best to choose canvas prints of dogs and cats in the brightest and most cheerful color scheme possible: they will absolutely brighten up the room, literally and figuratively! A dog canvas print for that matter is appropriate for any space meant for a child, not only the kid’s room: as a decorative element it will complement rooms in a school or preschool.

Dog canvas prints in minimalist décor

Although dog wall art is not naturally associated in particular with minimalism, it can in fact find a sense of belonging within this style – and in more than a few ways! Die-hard minimalists who think that black and white are really the only colors needed when creating a stylish interior might choose a dog canvas print in exactly this pared-down color scheme or opt for dog canvas prints which are naturally black and white, such as those with a Dalmatian. Less ardent minimalists who are simply looking for a simple decoration that slightly warms the room and makes it look just a tad more cozy can go with a modern graphic rather than a photo – no frame required!

Prints as faithful as pooches!

Each one of our dog canvas prints is printed using HP Latex technology. This innovative latex printing technology has been developed by Hewlett-Packard. It helps capture an extremely clear printout with remarkably realistic colors (exactly as seen in our catalogues!) that will not fade for a very long time. Thanks to HP Latex you can even hang your dog canvas print in brightly lit interiors – and the colors won’t fade out!