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What should the ideal laptop sticker be like
? It depends on how you look at it! If you often take your computer with you, for example on trips or to work, it is very important that the sticker is durable and resistant to abrasion and changing conditions. The decorations we have designed can give you all this – and much more! For obvious reasons, the look of the sticker is also very important. And although we are proud of the quality of all our stickers, whether they are modest laptop keyboard stickers or sophisticated marble patterns, we believe our biggest strength lies in the graphics and the almost infinite choice of designs!

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Your computer is naked: laptop stickers

Apparently, people can be divided into two types: those who, when buying a computer, pay attention primarily to its appearance, and those who put technical parameters first. That made us think: why not have the best of both worlds? Stickers will help you decorate any computer! Laptop stickers 
are much more than just ordinary decorations: they are a way to express your views, interests and tastes! It is also, perhaps first and foremost, a great method of adding individuality to a mass-produced device. It is something you notice at first glance, and not only after logging in. It is therefore hardly surprising that laptop stickers are a growing trend, not just among young people. Do you want your laptop to be one of a kind? Check out our HP laptop sticker ideas and much more!

Idea no 1: "Typical" laptop stickers

What we mean here are, of course, stickers that are placed on the back of the screen. Why do we refer to them as "typical"? Because they are the most popular type! Some of these HP laptop stickers cover the entire surface of the screen (the back, that is). Small laptop stickers are another type: they have a smaller format and are more like traditional stickers. This type of laptop decoration (for HP, Lenovo, Acer, but also other popular brands) is definitely worth using as "clothing" for the computer (more about that in a bit!), but it is also useful for covering unsightly scratches and other minor defects on the casing.

Idea no 2: laptop keyboard stickers

Laptop keyboard stickers have several different applications. They are useful, for example, when you want to use an old computer to type in a new language (by applying letters of a different alphabet, Russian for instance, to the keys), but they can also be used as "fancy dress" for the keys! Stickers of this type can be a surprising, very unusual element of the "decor" of the device: the more so because they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns!

Idea no 3: restart (the look of) your laptop

It is not uncommon for a perfectly functional device to start looking rather tired. If you often carry your laptop around – to work, university or school – you would have likely experienced this problem first hand. There is nothing attractive about a scratched laptop casing, but there is something you can do to give your old laptop a new lease of life! Use own design laptop stickers (yes, we can make them for you!) or any of the stickers from our catalog! You can transform your computer into whatever you want: a decorative sticker can turn it into a stylish, fashion-forward gadget, and a decorative sticker with a theme from your favorite movie or TV series will show to everyone that you are a geek by conviction ... The possibilities are virtually unlimited! If we were to offer any advice, we would definitely say: choose custom laptop stickers that make great conversation starters. This is what they are for at the end of the day, isn't it?

Why are our stickers the best?

Each of our stickers, be it a super colorful floral theme, a decoration inspired by cartoon characters or an elegant sticker, is created using an innovative latex printing technology. Thanks to this, our stickers not only look great (you will not find such realistic, rich colors anywhere else!), but also last without fading or scratches for a long time. That is why our stickers are a great choice for people who often take their laptop with them when leaving home!