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People can be divided into two categories - the ones who have cats, and the ones who have dogs. If you’re one of the cat lovers, a cat mural will be a perfect finishing touch for your living room. No matter which style you prefer: classic, modern, minimalist or rustic, in our offer you will surely find a design that will steal your heart. Kittens wallpaper will be a charming decoration of a living room, a bedroom, or even a children’s room. While selecting a design for our interior, it’s worth to check if cats mural will fit the color scheme of the rest of your decor. This way we’ll be able to create a consistent, harmonious whole.

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Wallpaper with cats - 9 lives and 9 ideas for a decor

An old English proverb says: “A cat has nine lives. For three he plays, for three he strays, and for the last three he stays”. This statement refers to an incredible agility cats have, which helps them to get out of trouble unharmed. This in turn has inspired us to prepare nine ideas to make kittens wallpaper look great in your apartment.

While selecting a mural design, we shouldn’t strictly follow our love for a certain race or color of cats. Kittens wallpaper should fit the colors of an interior we’re decorating. This way, the design will be a strong dominating feature that will create a harmony with the rest of the room. An exception from this rule is a room kept in white or blue color scheme. In this case, it’s worth to have our cat wallpaper in a contrasting color. By combining white and black decor elements, we will create an expressive room with a bite.

For a children’s room we can let our imagination go wild and allow cats to take over an entire room. Kittens wallpaper depicting a whole litter of adorable felines will delight every little fan of animals. And if cats are not enough, we suggest an additional dose of cuteness in form of small puppies. Dogs and cats wallpaper will be a great choice.

A british cat wallpaper for bedroom

A cats wallpaper with a drowned design that uses hundreds of cat faces to create a fancy and colorful pattern, will fit an intimate interior very well. A small pattern won’t make an interior look “heavy”, and a charming motif will make us forget how small our space is. A room will awe us no matter how big it is. For lovers of modern interiors and minimalistic solutions, we’ve prepared something special. British cat wallpaper depicting black animal silhouettes on white background will surely fit your tastes and be a perfect decoration of your living room. The “less is better” rule perfectly describes this solution. Kittens mural will also look great in colonial-styled interiors. Depictions of wild cats, such as lions, tigers or pumas will refer to the colonial journeys of the Europeans to the darkest corners of Asia and Africa. On the other hand, the images of regular house cats will be ideal for a rustic interior, for example - a bedroom. A mural cat will emphasize the idyllic character of an interior and will look great with wooden furniture in a natural color. Our feline friends look great on black-and-white pictures. If you love artistic decorations, a black cat wallpaper will create a delightful composition in a modern, monochromatic interior. Our final offer are cat details. After all, we love our cats in their entirety, from the ears to the tip of their tales. A cat mural that focuses on their green eyes, whiskers or their paw pads will be a great solution for small, intimate spaces.

Kittens mural in a preschool and child’s room

The first day of preschool is a real challenge for a child. New surroundings, strange kids and a completely different routine. A kitten mural will make an new space stop being so threatening and unknown. Fluffy kittens will create an atmosphere of safety and will make it easier for children to find themselves in the new reality. As we've mentioned in our previous suggestions, a cat motif will look equally well in a children’s room, especially one occupied by a small girl.

Wallpaper with cats in a vet’s office

A waiting room in vet’s office is just as stressful for animals, as it is for their owners. Because of that, it’s worth to make sure the interior seems friendly and safe. Dogs and cats wallpaper won’t only fill the empty walls, but it will also make the patients and their caretakers feel more at ease while waiting for their turn.