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Vehicle wallpaper is a great way to enliven and improve the look of a modern living room. Thanks to the wide selection of designs and types of depictions, this seemingly masculine type of decoration will work great even in a typically feminine space. And even though a car mural may look better in a male office, a romantic bike mural with a basketful of flowers will be a perfect decoration of a bedroom or walk-in closet. Thus, if you’re a vehicle enthusiast and you love both classic automobiles and ultramodern cars, a vehicle wallpaper will be an ideal decoration of your room.

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Cars mural: classics vs. modernity

Classic cars impress not only vehicle enthusiasts. They are also adored for their form and grace by fans of art and design. If your living room is filled with antique furniture, retro accessories and the atmosphere of the old times, cars mural with a depiction of the most cult models of all time will be a perfect finishing touch of your space’s arrangement.

  • Cars mural with intensive, energizing colors will look perfect in an interior dominated by the style of the swinging 60’s. On the other hand, a traditional toned-down space decorated with upholstered, patterned sofas, bright paneling and porcelain  knickknacks will look great together with a black and white cars wall mural.
  • For a modern living room, a great choice will be a vehicle wallpaper with a depiction of ultramodern models of sports cars. In case of a monochromatic decor, it’s good to choose a design with an expressive accent to energize the space. But, if our room is dominated by colorful accessories, let’s choose a minimalist wallpaper with a black shiny car against a dark background.

3d plane wallpaper in a small living room

With help of a couple of simple decorative tricks you can visually increase the size of your interior. If you’re wondering how to decorate a small living room, it’s worth to choose designs that will optically increase the size of our room. 3d plane wallpaper is a great solution. A wallpaper with an image of a machine gliding across the sky will create an optical sense of depth and thanks to that your living room will gain a couple of additional square meters. The wide selection of designs make 3d plane wallpaper a perfect decoration of every type of space. Retro depictions will fit nicely into classical interiors. On the other hand, minimalistic wallpapers with just a detail of a plane will be an interesting decoration of an industrial style living room.

Ship mural in industrial style interior

While arranging a spacious, industrial style living room, we can choose a wallpaper with a monumental design. A ship mural with a depiction of a breath-taking machine will fit nicely with metal elements of the decor in form of chromed furniture details, copper lamps and an exposed silver pipe of a ventilation hood. Such design would overwhelm and dominate the entire decor of a smaller interior. But, if we’re decorating a large living room, then this type of a mural will fit nicely into a minimalist space, giving it a unique character.

Bike mural in vintage style

The ”bike boom” took over at the same time as the trend for healthy and eco lifestyle. Thanks to that, more and more people choose a bike over their cars or public transport. With vehicle enthusiasts in mind, we’ve prepared a wide selection of designs. For people who enjoy the romantic retro style, a bike mural in a toned-down color scheme resembling a faded photograph will be a great option. And for the cyclists who appreciate minimalistic decors, we’ve prepared some graphic wallpapers in form of simple depictions of bikes or funny pictograms.

Vehicle wallpaper in a teen’s room

An expressive wallpaper resembling a movie frame will be a great choice for a teenager’s room. Yellow cab wallpaper with an image of bustling New York streets and the characteristic taxi cabs will create a harmonious background for modern furniture and electronic gadgets. Vehicle wallpaper will also be a great decoration if your child is a true enthusiast of vehicles and modern cars.