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Still life – alongside portraits and landscapes – can be considered the most popular subject matter for paintings. How can anyone not like them? After all, flowers, fruit, dishes, textiles and other objects are a very graceful and very – so to speak – picturesque subject matter! Still life paintings are, for obvious reasons, considered to be one of the most decorative pictures: At the end of the day, they usually depict very beautiful items. What's key is that they are beautiful and as original as possible at the same time! No wonder that still life oil paintings, such as the famous Sunflowers by Van Gogh, are some of the most famous works of art in history. Would you like to add traditional references and decorate your home with still life paintings? We have some tips for you to help you do it as stylishly as possible!

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Eternally alive: still live canvas prints

We can probably say without much exaggeration that although, naturally, there are still life paintings of great value for the history of art – such as Van Gogh's Sunflowers or the numerous so-called Dutch breakfast paintings, i.e. Baroque works by Dutch painters depicting the hopelessness and vanity of all existence behind the facade of beautifully laid tables – the vast majority of still life paintings are decorative works of art whose main purpose is simply to please the eye. And that's not a bad thing!

If you are looking for a universal decoration that will look just as good in your kitchen as it does in a hotel reception, and that will appeal to everyone and not shock anyone, still live canvas prints will be ideal. How can you use them to create a stylish and unpretentious arrangement? Here are a few of our ideas: we hope you will find something to inspire you!

Best for the kitchen and dining room: still life fruit paintings

Interiors such as the kitchen, dining room or restaurant rooms are traditionally decorated with motifs associated with food: it's natural! After all, our brains have simple mechanisms: when you see a "portrait of food", you start thinking that a snack would be a good idea, which leads to a slight feeling of hunger. It's not magic, it's psychology! Why not use it in a stylish way by hanging it in your home kitchen – or in an elegant restaurant – still life fruit paintings? This is a real classic among decorations of this kind: juicy and colorful fruit, often against an interesting background, intricately arranged in a beautiful composition... A variation on the same theme is a still-life image of a pitcher and fruit: it doesn't even have to be a reproduction of Paul Cézanne's famous work, which is often referred to by this title (in fact, it is simply called "Still life")!

Delicate and subtle: still life flower paintings

Just like still life images, flower motifs will probably never became outdated. So why not combine these two motifs? Still live canvas prints with flowers are an example of a truly universal decoration that can be hung in literally any interior – and one that will also look great in any interior. When choosing a design, it is a good idea to pay more attention to the image's color scheme than its subject matter. Still life images in warm, cheerful tones look great against the background of equally warm colors: yellow, orange and various shades of red. Designs in cooler tones should be displayed in an equally cool environment: on a blue wall, for example. If the room in which you want to hang a picture has a neutral color scheme – for example, the walls are painted white and the furniture has natural colors of wood – you don't have to worry about the color "temperature". If you like reproductions, why not opt for still life oil paintings, especially if the decoration is to be hung on the wall in the living room or in another prominent room.

Timeless design, timeless quality

The most famous still life artist painted their works with paints on stretched canvas: we print our images! We use modern HP Latex print technology, thanks to this our images have wonderful, vivid colors that look exactly as on the illustrations in our online store catalogue. HP Latex allows you to achieve print that is not only beautiful but also durable: it will last for years even in a brightly lit interior! All still live canvas prints can be framed or left unframed according to the customer's preference: we always print the edges of the canvas, so that each of the options looks great!