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The beauty of nature allows us to clear out minds and relax. Unforgettable views of mountains, lakes or sea provide us with extraordinary aesthetic experiences and remain in our memories for a long time. It’s worth to keep the most beautiful landscapes in your own home. Available in the collection of murals with landscapes by myloview, they can continuously please our eyes without the need to travel to distant areas. Landscape murals, as well as posters, canvas prints and stickers with a view of your favorite place, allow us to recreate their unique atmosphere in a living room, bedroom or office.

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Landscape murals - exotic beauty on a daily basis

An old Polish proverb says: “a wise person is not the one who lives the longest, but the one who often travels”. Nothing teaches us and helps us improve ourselves as much as faraway travels, after all. It’s one of the most exciting things that you can do in life. A contact with a completely different culture, cuisine, tradition and nature, that takes your breath away! Tall mountains covered with snow, powerful waterfalls and exotic palm trees on the shore of a crystal clear ocean. Unfortunately, sometimes we can’t afford a trip to the most remote corners of the world. But we don’t have to quit our dreams of being surrounded by beautiful views. We can use a landscape mural to move our living room into a small Alpine village, a tropical jungle or a forest refuge. A well selected design will not only create a harmonious whole with our interior, but it will also allow us to visit our dreamland, if just for a short moment.

3d landscape wallpapers in every style

A huge variety of nature forms make landscape murals fit every interior, no matter which style it’s kept in. A proper selection of a design will make a landscape wallpaper fit a classic living room, as well as an ultramodern loft. By choosing a fitting pattern, we can be sure that we’ll create a harmonious arrangement that will charm us for years to come.

  • Mountain landscape murals - depending on the season depicted by a mountain landscape, a mural will fit a different type of an interior. Landscape murals with snowy, white summits will look great in a minimalist, monochromatic interior, dominated by wooden, white furniture. On the other hand, a summer version of such landscape, filled with juicy shades of green, will enliven a rustic interior.
  • Sea landscape wallpapers - they will look great in a romantic interior. Pastel colors, wooden furniture in a bright, natural color (or painted white) and decorations in form of doilies and crocheted throws resembling a sea foam, will look beautiful with a sea landscape wallpaper in the background. Such design will also charm a true sea dog, that has decorated their room in a maritime design. White-and-blue accents, sailing decorations in shape of anchors and beach sand in a glass vase will create a perfect effect when combined with a sea landscape wallpaper.
  • Exotic 3d landscape wallpaper - it will be a perfect selection for an interior dominated by natural materials, colorful accents and a stylistic freesome in furniture selection. Wild and untamed nature will create wonderfull combination with a hippy boho style. An intensive green and multicolored flowers with surprising shapes will correlate with colorful throws and sofas, creating a cheerful and optimistic space, while a waterfall landscape wallpaper will optically enlarge a small room.

Landscape murals in bedroom, bathroom and salon

It’s worth to apply landscape murals with delicate colors to decorate a romantic salon. A great solution would be the view of a sea with a sunset, or a french lavender field. On the other hand, a minimalistic bedroom dominated by monochromatic colors will look best when decorated by landscape wallpaper depicting the wild mountain tops. Bathroom is a perfect place for sea landscape wallpaper. The view on a seaside port with a number of charming boats, a sunset reflecting in the surface of the sea, or a golden beach with a multitude of seashells will enliven a space, and a 3d landscape wallpaper will give an impression of depth, making a bathroom seem bigger by couple of square feet. A similar effect can be achieved by selecting waterfall landscape wallpapers.

A source of calm and peace: lavender wallpaper

A source of calm and peace: lavender wallpaper

Lavender reminds us of Provence, sun, nature and magic of aromatic herbs. No wonder, that a Provençal style of interior designing has been enjoying it’s growing popularity for quite some time now - it combines a French charm and romanticism. Interiors that you’ll decorate with lavender motif will gain a graceful look and unique atmosphere, so characteristic for the south of France.
Many designs of a bedroom: bedroom murals

Many designs of a bedroom: bedroom murals

Decorating a bedroom may seem easy, but as we start the process of interior designing we realise, that it will be quite a journey. Selecting a color scheme and aesthetics according to our preferences and comfort… How to avoid getting lost among designing options, and choose the best one? Which style would you like to use to decorate your bedroom in?
How to keep summer in our apartment? Beach murals for walls

How to keep summer in our apartment? Beach murals for walls

Summer has left us for good. Although for the last couple of days we were uncertain and full of hope - a feeling fueled by the bright rays of sun and pleasantly warm afternoons, we must face it - summer is officially over.