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Excited for Christmas? Canvas prints with holiday motifs will make the wait more pleasant
The most magical and beautiful time of the year is right around the corner. How to prepare for Christmas? Use canvas prints with holiday motifs to fill your home with Christmas atmosphere. Our experts have prepared the most interesting designs for this year’s holiday season.
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Living room wall stickers – TOP 8 designs from Myloview
Living room wall stickers are a quick and easy solution for interior makeover. The simple, stylish accents can completely change the atmosphere in your room and thanks to our tips, you’ll be able to choose the best designs!
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7 ideas on how to use decorative round stickers
Even a single decorative element can completely transform an interior and make it feel more stylish. Thanks to our original round stickers, this statement is now more true than ever. This unique type of decoration can be used in many different ways. See for yourself how to introduce round stickers into your home décor.
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Faux concrete wallpaper – top 7 most popular designs
Faux concrete wallpapers are a decorative trend that can’t seem to lose steam. The designs first became popular with the rise of industrial-style décor and have been a staple of modern interior design ever since.
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Wallpapers with animals for children are a great choice! Check out our 8 beautiful designs
The best decorative motifs for a child’s room are, naturally, animals. Whether they depict exotic species or pets, animal wallpapers will make your little bundle of joy take to their room like… a duck to water!
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Light bedroom wallpaper – ranking the best designs and solutions
What are the best light bedroom wallpaper designs? We came to the conclusion that subtle colours are absolutely crucial in this case. These decorative ideas will help you brighten up your room, make it look more spacious and fill it with cheerful, positive atmosphere.
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Floral wallpaper for the living room – 7 gorgeous designs that you need to see
There is one decorative motif that always looks fashionable, regardless of the current trends and fads. We’re talking, of course, about floral wallpapers. This motif is a popular go-to for beautifying both modern and classic interiors.
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5 original posters for the living room in any style
A well-known proverb says that “the devil is in the details.” However, according to a famous architect, Mies van der Rohe, the opposite is true: God is in the details. Regardless of which version you prefer, it is exactly the details and accessories that give an interior its unique character. If you want to create a décor that will be timeless and always in fashion, you can do one of two things. You can follow every new trend and change the décor of your house or flat every couple of months to keep up with the fickle fashion. Or you can opt for universal and timeless living room decorations, which will mesh well with any style. It seems that the second idea is much more reasonable. Invest in practical wall decorations that will allow you create a stunning décor in no time!
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5 city posters that deserve a closer look
Every large city has its own characteristic atmosphere, climate, scents and even sounds. Whether it’s rainy London, romantic Paris, ancient Rome or modern New York, each city has something special that you cannot experience anywhere else. It’s exactly these unique characteristics that make city posters the perfect form of decoration for both modern and classic interiors.
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Scandinavian style paintings - universal decoration in the northern edition
The Scandinavian style has been fashionable for a long time now. These interiors are extremely universal and easy to design. However, the all-white, minimalistic look and simple furniture make this style somewhat ascetic in nature, which might be difficult to get used to for some people. If you don’t feel like spending long hours decorating a room and you’re a fan of Nordic design, there’s an easy way out! With a few suitable details you can add a bit of warmth to a cold Scandinavian interior and fill the space with coziness without sacrificing the atmosphere. For that purpose, we recommend a fluffy rug, a faux animal skin on the wall, and a few pastel lamps or canvas prints. What's more, you can use Scandinavian inspirations to complete all kinds of arrangements, even if they’re not based on Nordic styles.
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Reproductions of paintings by famous artists: a new life for great masterpieces
Paintings by famous artists have always enjoyed tremendous popularity. Every dozen of years or so we hear shocking news in the media about a famous masterpiece being stolen. If authorities recover it, it always returns to a museum in glory and even more people want to see it. That’s exactly what happened to Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Arguably the most famous painting in the world wasn’t all that popular before it was stolen in 1911. Now you too can own paintings by great artists that you normally only admire in museums and art galleries and that’s without breaking the law. Our store offers reproductions of paintings by famous artists, which provide a perfect opportunity to design an elegant living room that pays homage to your favourite master. We guarantee the highest quality of print and vivid colours that make our reproductions as beautiful as the originals. You can also customise the size of your print to make it a perfect fit for your room.
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How to keep summer in our apartment? Beach murals for walls
Summer has left us for good. Although for the last couple of days we were uncertain and full of hope - a feeling fueled by the bright rays of sun and pleasantly warm afternoons, we must face it - summer is officially over.
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Graffiti murals – the voice of the streets in your apartment
Although graffiti – often perceived as the synonym of street art (often incorrectly) – seems to be a completely modern phenomena, its origins can actually be traced all the way to the antiquity. Ancient Romans loved to cover walls of their houses with writings and drawings – and often very vulgar ones! As we can see, times may change but our ways remain the same…
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A legal doping: fitness murals and posters for fitness club and gym
Let’s face it: no one goes to a gym or fitness club thinking that they will visit some kind of aesthetic heaven. Frankly speaking, that’s not the case at all: most of sport centers can score points if they don’t have the plaster falling off a ceiling or the well-known, horrid smell greeting us at the doors… Those places have, above all, a functional nature: everyone wants to come in, do what they need to do and leave as fast as possible, hopefully avoiding any kind of eye contact with our companions in misfortune… err… training.
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Colorful murals and canvas prints: how to select the best ones?
Selecting a perfect wall color – or the whole color palette for your interior – doesn’t have to be difficult. Instead of thinking about it as a long-lasting decision, it’s better to see it as an intriguing challenge! A challenge that, thanks to our help, won’t be as difficult as it may seem: we’ll share with you the secrets of our craft and give you some advices on how to use color in your interior.
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Music posters in a teenager's room
You must admit that a teenager’s room without any music posters hanging on the walls would look weird, right? Kids love to decorate the walls of their rooms with posters of concerts or the ones that depict their favourite bands. And if they have a good music taste (let’s hope they do!), then why shouldn’t they also learn something about the art of interior design?
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Nude canvas prints: a bold interior decoration
Nudity and it’s place - or rather, an appropriate space for it - is always a quite complicated and delicate subject. It raises many questions: is it appropriate to decorate an apartment with nude wall art? What if children lives there? How will our guests react? Is it polite to have one in a “public” room? There are many difficult questions to answer, that’s why today we’ll concentrate on how - and if - should we use nude canvas prints in decoration of our homes.
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Wall murals, posters and pop art canvas prints - inspirations
Pop art is the quintessence of the wild art from the 60s. Color play and graphic depictions straight out of a comic book, popular culture references and mass consumerism translated into the language of art.
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A source of calm and peace: lavender wallpaper
Lavender reminds us of Provence, sun, nature and magic of aromatic herbs. No wonder, that a Provençal style of interior designing has been enjoying it’s growing popularity for quite some time now - it combines a French charm and romanticism. Interiors that you’ll decorate with lavender motif will gain a graceful look and unique atmosphere, so characteristic for the south of France.
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Space murals – a great way to introduce the galaxy trend in your room
You’re about to see that space-inspired décor is an idea not only for fans of science-fiction films and fantasy literature. Galaxy wall decorations are a perfect way to quickly and effortlessly revamp your interior and enjoy a completely new aesthetic. This article will be partly devoted to décor ideas for children and teens but we also have plenty of ideas that will appeal to other readers.
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