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A London wall mural is a fantastic decorative solution not only for avid travelers and lovers of Great Britain. It's also a great option for any stylish person who wants to arrange their interiors in a simple but expressive way. This particular motive works in almost any type of space. Small interiors will appear more spacious thanks to the metropolitan character of the images, while large living rooms will no longer seem so empty. London wall murals can be easily paired with modern, minimalist arrangement dominated by gray, white, and beige. They can also be used to decorate a restaurant or a coffee house.

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Murals London for your wall

Cityscapes are a popular motive in interior design, and for good reasons. They can completely transform your bedroom, living room, or restaurant with a spectacular effect. London wall murals will make your rooms seem like they're taken straight from a catalogue.

Our website catalogue offers a wide selection of designs in the London Murals category, which makes it possible for anybody to find a perfect design for their unique interior. For colder rooms filled with subdued shades of gray, black, and white, we recommend a London phone box mural with a strong, expressive, red accent. The vivid red color will provide a spark of energy for a subdued space. You can achieve a very similar effect using a London double-decker bus mural. The design will liven up minimalist arrangements. You can easily combine it with a black, gray, or beige leather couch as well as modern materials such as metal and glass.

A London wall mural for true travelers

Not only does travel broaden the mind, but it also develops our sense of esthetics. It exposes us to different types of beauty and teaches about cultural diversity. And although it may sometimes be difficult to leave all the responsibilities behind and hit the road, London murals will allow you to feel the vibe of the great metropolis at least for a little while every day. When you sit comfortably in your armchair after a long day, you'll be able to let your thoughts wander the streets of London, remember the time you spend in the city, or start planning your next trip there. A London mural can be an amazing complement for a modern interior dominated by metal, glass, and plastic. After all, these types of interiors, with all their geometric knick-knacks scattered about, are often reminiscent of soaring skyscrapers.

A red bus in your living room

The spaciousness of the living room opens this interior up to a vast array of decorative possibilities. The wide walls can become a perfect place for a panoramic view of London. Depending on the overall interior design, you could use it as the dominating, eye-catching element of the arrangement, or a stylish background for an elegant table or a bookcase. You can also consider using a London red bus mural, which will fill the entire household with energy thanks to its expressive, vivid colors. And what if your living room is rather small? In that case, use a London Big Ben wall mural, which will visually enlarge the space due to its vertical design.

Murals London for the bedroom

The bedroom is a place where we rest and relax. In terms of decor, it works best with soft, subdued colors. A gray and beige London wall mural will be the perfect fit here, even if your bedroom isn't arranged in a modern style. Beige looks gorgeous when combined with wooden furniture. It will make you feel the idyllic atmosphere of the English countryside, where every house has an old-fashioned, rustic dresser or closet. However, if you want your bedroom to also be very expressive in character, we recommend a panoramic view of London at night. The flickering lights of skyscrapers against a romantic, navy blue sky are the best possible view before a good night's sleep.

Murals London for a teenager's wall

Many parents suffer sleepless nights when trying to arrange their teenage children's rooms, as it is often very difficult to meet young people's high expectations. A London phone box mural is a great solution to this problem. It is a unique design which will fill the room with a stylish, big-city character, and eliminate boredom. The iconic motive of a red English phone booth will certainly appeal even to the most finicky young customers.