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If you like colorful and vibrant accents in your interior, then wall murals with poppies are the best idea for decorating your living room. In a quick and very simple way you can completely transform the arrangement of your room. These delicate, graceful plants are a beautiful, timeless decoration for both modern and traditional interiors. A mural featuring red poppies will work great in the hallway, in a cozy and romantic bedroom or a girl's bedroom. In turn, yellow poppies are a great idea for adding interest to a muted kitchen you would like to brighten up a little.

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Poppies wall murals in a modern living room

Modern interiors are usually decorated in muted, monochrome color schemes: white or gray walls, black furniture and graphite or navy couch. Ascetic-looking arrangements often lack expressive decorations, and according to a popular proverb: the devil is in the detail. If you want to liven up your interior, a poppy mural will give your living room a showroom look in the blink of an eye. A bright shade of red adds a dynamic feel to a room decorated in a monotonous color scheme. Poppies will look best if you apply them to the widest wall of the living room – this will showcase their beauty in all its glory!

Poppies everywhere – poppies wall murals in various styles

In our wide range of designs you will find very diverse images of these beautiful wild flowers. Each of them suits a different interior arrangement, so make sure you take a while to think and choose the right poppy mural for your wall.

• The best match for a cozy, rustic interior with folk-inspired wooden furniture is a poppies mural depicting a lush green meadow dotted with red flowers. The expressive combination of these two colors will perfectly correspond with the ubiquitous wood in a natural shade.

• If you are looking for decorations for a modern, minimalist living room, why not opt for wall murals with poppies depicting these flowers arranged in a row on a neutral background. The sparse design makes a harmonious whole with a muted interior.

• A vintage interior arrangement calls for a poppy mural reminiscent of an old, slightly faded holiday photo. The idyllic landscape and delicate colors will resemble a keepsake from a family album.

• And if you profess the "less is more" principle, we have prepared something special for you. A black-and-white poppies wall mural depicting densely spaced flower heads with distinctive dark centers is bound to appeal to you and be a delightful decoration for the living room.

Red poppies mural in the bedroom

A romantic and idyllic ornament is an excellent idea for decorating the bedroom. If you are looking for respite and rest after a hard day's work, poppies wall murals will take you to the world of blissful relaxation. You can opt for a pattern featuring flower buds on the backdrop of a blue sky, single poppies in a field of golden corn or a picturesque meadow on the backdrop of a summer sunset.
A boho or shabby chic style interior looks excellent decorated with a wall mural depicting graphic poppies reminiscent of prints from an old botanical atlas. Delicate colors and expressive contours make for a unique decoration for the bedroom, but they look just as good in a little girl's bedroom, bringing to mind illustrations from old fairy tales.

Poppies wall murals in the kitchen

Floral motifs look great also in the kitchen. Depending on how you have decorated your interior, you can choose a design that covers an entire wall or just a part of it. If your kitchen is not very spacious and you do not want to make it look even smaller with an overly expressive wall decoration, you should opt for a mural that will fit in the space between the worktop and the wall cabinets. A red poppies mural depicting minimalistic stems with delicate petals is perfectly suited for this purpose. For a consistent look, why not opt for a sticker for the fridge door with the motif of these beautiful wild flowers. This solution will really showcase the poppy mural.