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The invention of writing has been, without a doubt, one of the most important moments in the history of humanity. It allowed us to share information not only through direct contact with each other, but also remotely, both in terms of space and time. Nowadays, we've become so used to writing surrounding us everywhere we go that we take it for granted. What a shame! We hope that our typography wall murals will give you a chance to ponder on the fantastic invention of writing, which can be incredibly rich and diverse. Our collection of wall murals is almost infinite. They can depict any quote you wish (or simply a string of letters), not to mention the astoundingly wide choice of fonts and colors.

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Such beautiful letters: a typography mural for your home and company

This is a text. Look at it. No, don't read it – just look. For a moment, try to forget that you know letters, the sounds they represent, and the meaning of words… Just look at the text as a string of symbols. How do they make you feel? Do they seem particularly beautiful or maybe ugly? Do you feel uneasy or amazed? Or maybe you feel something completely different? You probably don't feel any of these emotions. Do you know why? Because the font, or rather the typeface (as a graphic designer or an editor would surely call it) which we used to write this text is completely neutral. Its only purpose is to transfer information, some specific meaning, so it shouldn't draw attention to itself. In fact, you shouldn't even remember what this text looks like after reading it!

Unusual fonts: a typography wall mural

The typography murals presented here are something completely different. They're words – in some cases just letters – stylized in such a way to draw attention to the typeface in particular. They're not "invisible." On the contrary, they're doing their best to make you pay attention! If, in addition, a quote wall mural actually carries some substance, like an inspiring quote, a motto, a funny saying, or anything else, it has the potential to create an interesting interplay between the form and the substance of the decoration. In some cases it is contrast, in others – harmony. That alone makes for excellent decorative opportunities and allows you to find an ideal typography wall mural for interiors with different styles and characters. Any examples? We've prepared a few suggestions!

A motivational typography wall mural

Browsing through our collection of wall murals, you'll surely notice that many of them feature quotes in very flowing fonts full of swirls and flourishes inspired by handwriting. If you're looking for a design that's elegant but full of character and you're not a fan of classic minimalism, these designs will be perfect for you! They'll look gorgeous when combined with different popular decorative styles, from the cute shabby chic, through the fashionable Scandinavian style, and even, in some cases, minimalism in a less orthodox edition.

Quote wall murals for a child's and a teenager's room

A typography mural can serve a slightly different function in a child's or a teenager's room. The youngest members of your family will surely enjoy an alphabet wall mural featuring, for instance, English letters which will help them learn how to read and write. Teenagers, on the other hand, may use a mural as yet another way to express their character, preferences, and personality. All of our typography wall murals can be easily cleaned. You can wash them with a wet wipe or a sponge, which might be particularly useful in a child's (and maybe also a teenager's) room. We've made sure that our typography wall murals are as colorful and diverse as possible. No matter what color arrangement and furniture you have in your room, here you'll definitely find a perfectly matching design.

Quote wall murals as decorations for a corporate space

Before we begin, we'd like to clarify that the term "corporate space" is understood here in a broad sense. It can apply to a café or a restaurant as well as a waiting area outside an office or a conference hall. Luckily, any of these interiors will look wonderful when decorated with a quote wall mural. You just need to choose a design which will be suitable for your company both in terms of style and content. For a café, for instance, you might consider putting up some funny, witty quotes. For your office – a motivational quote or the company's motto… An individual approach to each case will guarantee success!