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Is there a proven, efficient method for a fast and spectacular metamorphosis of your interior, furniture, and car? The answer is yes! Many of you may be surprised that the solution are incredibly effective and easily-applicable 3D stickers. They can help you reinvent your living room, kitchen, or child's room not only by introducing an eye-catching decorative element, but also by visually enlarging the interior. What is more, 3D car stickers allow you to change the character of your vehicle, while at the same time hiding some scratches and scrapings on the paintwork. Instead of wasting precious time and money on refurbishments and paint jobs, make your life much easier with our multifunctional 3D wall stickers!

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3D stickers for doors, furniture, and others: a special purpose decoration

Application simple as ABC and the incredible durability of 3D wall stickers make them one of the most universal and multifunctional types of decorations.

  • Firstly, the stickers allow you to introduce decorative elements in places where there is not enough open space for a full mural. This decoration is an amazing way of rejuvenating slightly older furniture which appear used.

  • Secondly, 3D door stickers are perfect for gently accentuating the style of an interior without excessive interference in its look or change to its actual arrangement.

  • Thirdly, the stickers may be used to decorate not only rooms but also cars which is sure to appeal to both men and women. The stickers take the form of delicate flowery motives but also burning flames or skulls.

  • Furthermore, decorative 3D stickers may also be used to decorate your laptop. Your portable computer will gain some character, while the sticker protects it against potential scratches.

3D stickers in your living room – a short tutorial

The 3D effect is not a trick reserved only for making movies. If you want to enhance the feeling of depth and multidimensionality in your room or kitchen, 3D stickers are your best bet. They will make the size of your interior seem bigger than it truly is with a three-dimensional image of a picturesque landscape or a panoramic view of a city, which cleverly trick our eyes into believing the sight is real. For best effect you should make sure that the sticker is fully visible on your wall. The image shouldn't be obstructed by tall furniture or a sofa, as this will distort the design and severely weaken the three-dimensional effect. Another important aspect is selecting the appropriate color scheme of the sticker. By making sure that the colors of the sticker match the colors of the walls, furniture, and other decorations, you'll guarantee that the entire space will smoothly transition into whatever the sticker represents.

3D butterfly wall stickers

Colorful butterflies are one of these designs which never get boring. By introducing it to your bedroom, you'll make the entire space come alive an gain lightness. Moreover, when selected properly, 3D butterfly wall stickers will transform even a tiny room into a spacious area. What type of design is best for this purpose? Look for images depicting these colorful butterflies on a flowery meadow or against the background of a blue sky dotted with clouds. Adding in a bit of perspective will make a flat wall gain depth. Another interesting option is a picture of unicolored butterflies getting smaller and smaller as if they're moving away from the observer. However, butterflies haven't fully monopolized the world of three-dimensional design. You'll achieve a similarly wonderful effect with depictions of steep staircases, open windows with scenic views, or abstract tunnel-like motives.

3D wall stickers for children – real magic in the world of interior decoration

When it comes to a child's bedroom, we're usually less concerned about the room's size than in the case of the living room. Nevertheless, using a 3D sticker for decoration may be both enjoyable and useful. A colorful, three-dimensional design will change the interior into a fairy-tale land, while at the same time visually transform a small place into a spacious playroom. What design to choose? Well, it all depends on… the child of course! Think about the stories that they like the most, book characters who became their role models, or sports which they like to practice. 3D wall stickers for children come in a plethora of various designs, which makes it easy to find something suitable. What about exotic animals like a colorful parrot or a prowling tiger? Or maybe an awe-inspiring depiction of a faraway galaxy? And if for some reason you can't find a good place for a sticker on the walls, fabulous 3D door stickers serve as a perfect alternative which takes advantage of this usually unused space.