Murals by category - Windows

An arrangement of a small interior that lacks enough light can be quite a challenge. In this case, a fake window mural or other 3d mural may save the problem. Applying a window in form of a wall design will instantly make the interior seem bigger. On the other hand, it’s what we can see through it that decides on what effect we’ll achieve. A window view mural may depict a mountain landscape, a sea view, a forest clearing or a city panorama.
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A window view mural in a small room 

In case of an intimate interior, it's worth to choose a window mural with a bright landscape and panoramic character. An extensive view will optically enlarge a space and will reduce a claustrophobic feeling that a narrow room may give out. A window mural with a view on a garden, thanks to it’s bright shades and flowers in various colors, will make a space look lighter and more optimistic. An open window mural with a motif of frames and shutters will be a perfect passage between the arranged room and a view printed on a mural. 

A window mural in a bathroom

Another interesting option are murals for windows that can be stuck straight on a glass. They guarantee a full light transmission, and in case of a close proximity of other houses or apartments- they allow a discreet cover for our interiors. This kind of a wall mural is an great solution for a bathroom, where we need privacy the most. But, if you don’t have to hide our interior from prying eyes of your neighbours, but simply want to enliven the space, a window view mural depicting Venice or a seaside port will be a very stylish and ideal solution.

A window mural in a bedroom

A bedroom is a perfect to be arranged in a romantic style. A window mural with a view on a garden will bring in a rustic, idyllic character which can remind us of summer spent in a charming village house. Additionally, the view of greenery, plants and flowers seen from the moment you wake up, will put you in a good mood. After all, green is known for it’s health- promoting and calming properties. On the other hand, a window mural with a sea view will gently lull us to sleep. A calm surface of the sea, the shine of a sunset increased by the water and delicate pastel shades of an evening sky will create a harmonious whole with a romantic bedroom decor.

A fake window mural 

A city view window mural will allow to showcase a multi-element panorama of a huge metropolis in a bright and spacious living room, that doesn’t need an impression of depth nor an illusion of additional square feet. Such view would make a small living room seem even smaller than it actually is. A wide living room wall allows to present various buildings from cities like Rome, Paris and London. A large living room will look great with a sea view window mural. A calm, single-colored surface of a sea will correspond well with a minimalistically arranged interior. On the other hand, a mural depicting a picturesque sunset will emphasize the romantic decor of a living room. For a spacious, industrial living room, you can choose an interesting and original decoration. An open window mural that depicts an interior of a dark, gothic church emphasizes a multicoloured light that enters through a soaring stained glass window of the temple. A seemingly dark design is illuminated by hundreds of small, colorful squares, that will interact well with the monochromatic interior of a living room.