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A world map sticker seems like a simple motif but you’ll be surprised how diverse it can be. Depending on the decorative style they adhere to, our stickers can be minimalistic, expressive, elegant or full of energy. You’ll easily be able to find a design that matches the style of your room and flat. The motif is perfect for all geography buffs but also avid travellers. The latter will especially enjoy what we have in our offer. The world map can become an excellent source of inspiration when planning your next trip. But that’s not all. The motif is also a great idea to decorate a child’s room.  

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World map wall stickers for travellers

Summer holidays make up only a small part of the year but you can preserve the carefree atmosphere for longer thanks to appropriate living room decorations. A stunning map of the world is a great example of that. You’ll certainly feel the urge to travel more when looking at our original stickers with continents. The design will motivate you to start planning your next journey and it will help you choose a destination you haven’t visited yet. Drawing up your itinerary will be much easier with our typographic map featuring the names of particular countries. Alternatively, you can go for a minimalistic outline of the continents with only capitals marked. When choosing the best possible design for your flat, you may want to consider the overall style of the place. If the map matches your décor, you guarantee yourself a breathtaking effect. Read on to see what sticker styles we have in store for you. 

World map wall stickers in different styles that match your unique interior

Our catalogue features many different designs, so you should easily be able to find one suitable for your specific needs. If you wish to highlight the beauty of a modern, sparingly decorated living room, we recommend a minimalistic world map sticker depicting only the contours of continents. For more industrial interiors we have a map resembling colourful graffiti art on a brick wall. And if you’re looking for a perfect design to decorate your shabby chic bedroom, consider a gorgeous flowery map of the world. A sticker in which the lands are made out of a floral pattern will definitely appeal to any romantic soul. And these are just a few of the designs you can choose from! Other notable examples include maps inspired by scandi art, painting or even historical cartographic documents from centuries past.  

A blaze of colours  in an educational world map sticker for children  

One of the most famous parenting techniques is the so-called Montessori method, developed by an Italian physician. One of the most important theses she postulated was that parents should try to make smooth transitions between their children’s play and education and the latter should focus mostly on a child's own interests. If your kids are fascinated by long travels, foreign countries and exotic animals, decorating their room with our stickers will be a fantastic idea. A world map sticker for children with different designs based on their age will become a wonderful interior decoration as well as a practical didactic aid. So what exactly are the most interesting options?  

  • Animals are definitely one of the most popular motifs in this category. A world map sticker for children featuring images of different species will make it easier for your little bundle of joy to remember where he or she can meet cute koalas and where black-and-white panda bears.  

  • Another possible design is a map depicting pictures of famous historical landmarks and characteristic places in the largest cities around the world. This way, your children can become familiar with sights like the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower or the Egyptian Pyramids.  

  • Our final idea is dedicated to slightly older children. It’s a typographic world map sticker consisting exclusively of colourful names of countries contained within their geographical borders. With such a decoration, your kids will easily be able to locate any country in the world!

The many surprising usages of a world map sticker

So far we’ve only talked about world map stickers for walls. However, this design can also be found in places you might not expect. For example, you can use it to beautify your furniture. Imagine the outlines of particular continents on your TV cabinet, the living room door, a sliding wardrobe or a computer desk in your child’s room. It’s an excellent opportunity to refresh the look of older furniture that have served you for years. What’s more, the sticker will help you hide any scratches or stains on the items. Let’s also not forget about laptops. A colourful map can transform a regular model into a unique and original gadget. Where else could you use a design with a world map? How about introducing some wonderful design into the kitchen by decorating the fridge? In this particular case, we recommend a depiction of a single continent presented in more detail. You can, for instance, follow your culinary preferences and choose a part of the world with the tastiest cuisine.