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If you need a decoration that adds a sense of space to your interior, you don't have to look any further: our mountain canvas print fits the bill perfectly! It is one of those landscapes that will work literally anywhere: we really can’t think of an interior where mountain landscape oil paintings be out of place. And we are talking here about the function of a space, as well as its character and style! The key issue, however, is to choose the right design, because not all mountains are created equal (and we don't just mean the altitude). Different mountain canvas prints will be needed to decorate a bedroom in a cozy Scandinavian style, and different – to decorate a room of a teenager who loves skiing. If you're looking for tips on what image to choose, you've found the right place. We've prepared a handful of inspiration for you, and we are sure you will find something for yourself!

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The height of interior decoration: mountain paintings on canvas 

The famous English writer and artist John Ruskin, whose work still has an enormous impact on the aesthetics of many artists worldwide, once said that mountains are the beginning and the end of all natural landscapes. This quote can be interpreted in different ways: either as a statement that mountains are a benchmark for all kinds of landscapes (and even those who, when faced with the eternal dilemma of "seaside or mountains" while planning a holiday, opt for the seaside, must admit that no other landscape can compare in terms of expressiveness!), or simply as a declaration of great love for the mountain landscape. Regardless of how these words are interpreted, we agree with them wholeheartedly! To prove this, we have prepared one of the most majestic and breath-taking collections of images in our catalogue: here are our mountain canvas prints and some refreshing-like-a-mountain-breeze ways to use them in an interior! 

Climb the heights of style: mountain canvas print between a minimalist and Scandinavian style

The classic combination of black-and-white mountain peaks and a cool blue sky is one of those landscapes that will work in most spaces, but it is hard to imagine a better environment for them than an interior decorated in a distinctly minimalist style. In a space like this – especially if its color palette is limited to black and white or neutral colors – mountain landscape oil paintings will look particularly expressive, at the same time emphasizing the austerity of the interior and softening it slightly (after all, it is a natural landscape and not a geometric abstraction!). Exactly the same mountain picture, placed in an understated but elegant frame (and while we're at it: at our store, you can choose its color from a few different options in order to perfectly match it to other elements of the arrangement!) will be a nice, not-overly-twee decoration for an interior decorated in a cozy and simple Scandinavian style.

Admire mountain views (and add a specious feel to your home)

If the interior that you want to decorate desperately needs a bit of optical illusion to make it look bigger, and you really have had enough of mirrors, why not opt for mountain paintings on canvas. What do these images have to do with adding a spacious feel? It's simple: a wide, panoramic landscape will make the room it decorates seem much more spacious! Mountain paintings on canvas owe this quality to two of their features. 

– First of all, they are mostly composed with cool colors; and everything in a color that derives from blue seems to be a little further away than objects is neutral or warm shades, even if in reality they are at the same distance.

 – Secondly, landscapes such as mountain landscapes create a subtle 3D effect by drawing the eye of the person looking at them into the picture and convincing the brain that what you are looking at is much further away than it really is (i.e. further than the wall!). As a result of both these features mountain landscape paintings wonderfully "enlarge" any interior. And we haven't even mentioned how much freshness a view of snow-capped peaks can add to a space!

Mountain landscape oil paintings: a decoration for eons?

It has taken millions of years for the mountains to rise to the state we know today. Thanks to our mountain-view pictures you can take your home or company to a higher level of style in a matter of seconds! The result is quick but lasting: whether you hang your picture in the living room, in the office or even in the bathroom (yes, in the bathroom!) or in any other space for that matter, thanks to the modern latex print technology that we use to create our decorations, your mountain paintings on canvas will look like new for years to come!