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Wall stickers are a great solution for people, who wish to change something in their interior’s decor… especially if they have something to hide. Stickers are an extraordinarily quick way to decorate an empty living room wall, a clearance between kitchen cabinets or a space over your child’s bed. But, their function is not limited to being pretty. Furniture stickers are also a great idea to cover up visible stains and scratches. If your desk top is damaged, your laptop went through a lot and doesn’t look as good as on day one, and your front hall wall has an obvious stain – then stickers are a great way to hide it.

Naklejka na laptop napisy

Multifunctional fridge, glass and car stickers                  

Wall stickers are available in various shapes and sizes. You can select a design that will completely cover a selected surface, or just its fragment. This form of decoration is not exclusive for walls. A great decoration are also car stickers and laptop stickers. Thanks to them you don’t have to buy a new model, since just a small change can make your car of computer look brand new. Produced with best, incredibly durable materials, our stickers are resistant to abrasion and difficult conditions - that’s why you can be sure that they will stay stuck to the surface and won’t lose their charm. Stickers are also a great way to refresh the look of your kitchen. Here, they can be introduced in three different ways. Our first suggestion is the fridge. Custom stickers, matched to the irregular shape of your appliance, will change an ordinary white refrigerator into a spectacular piece of art. Windows stickers will be a good choice if your windows are facing neighbouring buildings. Thanks to them, you will enjoy more privacy without covering your kitchen window with curtains. Wall stickers will also be a great choice, if you’re looking for a discreet decoration. Applied between a kitchen worktop and hanging cabinets, they will add energy to your interior, without a need for a change of the whole décor.

Naklejka na szafę las

Quick, simple and fun

One of the basic advantages of stickers is their quick application. If you have selected a sticker smaller than you, then you shouldn’t have any problems with applying it by yourself. In this case, you don’t have to worry about glue, or staining walls or furniture. Modern wall stickers are self-adhesive, so the only thing you have to do is take off the protection foil and press the sticker wherever you want. That’s it! But, we have to warn you that although the application is very quick and simple, you may spend a lot of time browsing for the fitting image. In our shop’s wide selection, you will find every possible design that may come to your mind. Especially for you, we’ve prepared beautiful landscapes, lush flowers, wild animals, ethnic and folk designs, three-dimensional compositions, classic and modern architecture and abstract geometrical motifs. You can be sure that no matter in what style you’ve decorated your interior in, and what effect you want to achieve – on our website you will find exactly the type of wall stickers and furniture stickers you are looking for.

An eye-catching idea for wall stickers

Thanks to their simple application and wide selection of sizes, stickers can help you decorate your entire apartment. By choosing this type of solution, you will create a harmonious arrangement, and you can be sure that every room will look equally brilliant. In case of stickers, it’s best to select one main motif. It could be flowers, animals, folk motifs or architecture, but there are many more options, of course. It all depends on your imagination and creativity. Wall stickers can decorate not only a living room, bedroom, hall or kitchen. They can also be a great decoration of a bathroom, since they are water- and moisture-resistant. You will enjoy an interior decorated this way for many, many years.