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Decorative stickers are the fastest way to transform an arrangement. Lavender, in turn, is a quick relaxation method and a way of soothing the nervous system because lavender essential oils assuage negative effects of stress extremely well. But what will happen if you combine both of these elements? You'll get gorgeous lavender wall stickers which you can use to create an elegant decoration for an elegant living room, romantic bedroom or a relaxing bathroom. Whether you prefer modern, minimalistic, or rustic interiors, lavender wall stickers are a wonderful decorative motif.

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Lavender wall stickers – lavender in your living room arrangement

The miraculous properties of lavender have been well known for centuries. The purple plant is used to prepare infusions and essential oils and its dried flowers and leaves can be added to dishes in order to support the proper functioning of the digestive system. Everyone knows that lavender is good for our health. However, not everyone knows that you can refresh the appearance of your cozy living room or visually enlarge it using lavender motifs. You don't have to brew magical potions or grind leaves - all you need is a suitable lavender wall sticker.

  • For smaller rooms – lavender stickers depicting vast fields covered with this purple plant are an excellent way to visually add some additional square meters to your interior. Choose the widest and the most presentable wall in your living room and decorate it with the picturesque image to see how quickly your small space transforms into a spacious living room!

  • In the rustic style – if you are a fan of idyllic folksy interiors, then an ideal decoration for your apartment are lavender wall stickers depicting the delicate branches of this beautiful plant on a wood-like background. The combination of brown and purple and the contrast between the gnarled texture of the wood and the subtlety of the plant will become a stunning living room decoration.

  • For modern design – lavender wall stickers are also a great, colorful accent that can liven up the decor of minimalistic, sparingly decorated interiors. Our picturesque landscapes or graphic patterns depicting lavender branches against light, neutral backgrounds are made specially with these types of arrangements in mind.

  • In retro style – gadgets and decorative elements vintage style are becoming more and more popular by the day. If you want your living room to look more vintage, try out lavender stickers kept in subtle, slightly faded colors, which are reminiscent of old photographs.

A bedroom in the shades of purple – lavender stickers

Lavender is often associated with the elegant Provencal style, which originated in the south of France. It's there that you can find the picturesque fields of the purple plant, which stretch as far as the eye can see. However, it's worth noting that lavender stickers can also look great in bedrooms which don't try to imitate the Provencal style. A design depicting a silver bucket with lavender planted inside, or a thin branch of the plant captured by the lenses of a master photographer will transform a simple, plain bedroom into an elegant and stylish interior. However, if you want to create a romantic atmosphere, it's a great idea to use an artistic take on lavender. Stickers imitating watercolors are known to be both subtle and extremely captivating. If you want to emphasize this effect even further, you can combine the wall decoration with a couple other purple items, such as pillows, candles or curtains.

Soothing, moisture-resistant lavender stickers in the bathroom?

Our living rooms, where we watch movies with our family, and our bedrooms, where we recharge our batteries after a hard day of work are not the only places where we relax. The bathroom is also an important place to let off some steam. A long bath with essential oils or scented candles is a recipe for soothing your nerves and forgetting problems. But if you want your home SPA to work, you need to arrange your bathroom in a way that will help you unwind and quiet down. Water resistant lavender stickers will be a great substitute for monotonous tiles and, thanks to their durability, they will serve their decorative purpose for a long time. Choose a design that you like the most – a picturesque landscape of Provence, single dried lavender branches or maybe an artistic depiction of lavender. Then simply sit back and enjoy a blissful relaxation session every evening.

Lavender stickers on the wall of an elegant flower shop

Even though fresh, colorful and fragrant flowers play the first fiddle at flower shops, it doesn't mean that the decor of the interior is of less importance. When looking for the best decorative idea, it's worth focusing on those motifs which will accentuate the character of the place but at the same time won't overwhelm it. Lavender stickers are in this case a perfect solution. The delicate color scheme and the subtle form of the flowers will provide a beautiful background for the flowers you sell, and the whole interior will become much cozier and pleasing to the eye.