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The variety of styles, trends and forms given by mural architecture is a great example of how our aesthetic preferences and technological possibilities changed and improved with time. Heavy Roman monuments, slender gothic temples, baroque palaces, modernistic concrete constructions and glassed skyscrapers – mural architecture will move each of those buildings into our interior making it gain a unique character. If you value timeless beauty and elegant style then architecture murals will be a great solution for your living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms.

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City architecture mural

City architecture mural

A city panorama on a mural for living room will complement a decor of a minimalist loft. A mural will replace any other graphic decorations.
Red brick mural

Red brick mural

Architecture mural with red brick will emphasize the classic decor of an office or living room.


Modern architecture wallpaper

If you’re a fan of minimalistic interiors, dominated by moderation and toned-down colors, it’s worth to select HD architecture wallpaper with an image of modern constructions.

  • A skyscraper motif will look great in a space decorated with furniture in simple, geometric form and a glass table accompanied by see-through plastic chairs. Depending on the size of a living room, we may choose mural architecture with an image of a skyscraper against a city panorama background that will fit a spacious interior, or a mural with a building seen from a worm’s-eye view. It will make a small interior seem much bigger than it actually is.

  • On the other hand, mural architecture depicting an image of an old factory will fit nicely into an industrial-style living room. Steel constructions of a factory building will complement the room furnishing – metal lamps, chromed elements of furniture and silver accessories.

  • A great, if not a bit surprising, decoration will be architecture wallpaper depicting an interior of a gothic temple, illuminated by thousands of colors shining through a stained glass window. A raw form of a church and metal construction of a window will be a great reference to a minimalist, industrial architecture.

A classic mural architecture

For those of you who prefer traditional classic interiors, architecture wallpaper offers a vast selection of decorative options. For a toned-down living room dominated by antiques, soft carpets and paintings in golden frames, the best choice will be a HD architecture mural with ancient monuments. Greek architecture, that became the basis for later constructions, will nicely complement a classic living room. On the other hand, a good choice for retro-styled interiors will be a black and white architecture wallpaper, or one resembling an old sepia photograph. An old image of a famous metropolis will create a harmonious whole with vintage décor. Another interesting option is 3d architecture wallpaper with an interior of a basilica full of golden architectural elements. This type of wallpaper will perfectly harmonize with a living room furnished with golden details and oil paintings in golden frames.

HD architecture wallpaper in your bedroom

A great decoration of a modern bedroom in minimalistic style will be a mural with an image of architectural concrete imitating a non-plastered wall. Such design will look great in an cosy interior, despite its moderate arrangement. This effect can be achieved with single-colored plush carpets, soft curtains or wooden furniture in its natural color. If we want to warm up a cool industrial interior, a good choice will be a HD architecture wallpaper with an image of a stunning stained glass ceiling from Palau de la Música in Barcelona.

Mural architecture in a bathroom

Architecture motifs are also a great idea for bathroom decoration. While looking for a fitting design, it’s worth to pay attention to color consistency of our interior, since not every bathroom design is in line with a given décor style. A dark bathroom in shades of white and grey can be energized with bright antique columns. A spacious, multi-coloured interior can be improved with a night-time city panorama. On the other hand, a mural architecture with an image of a bridge will create a sense of depth and will make a small bathroom look much bigger than it actually is.