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Decorative motifs don’t necessarily have to be complex in order to look interesting and appealing. On the contrary, sometimes simplicity is an advantage.You can clearly see that when it comes to our dots stickers. It’s a great example of a straightforward motif that is incredibly universal. The attractive, geometric pattern will help you create amazing decorative compositions. These kinds of patterns have remained popular for many decades and provide some stunning interior design possibilities. See for yourself what makes them special!

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Minimalistic arrangements with dot stickers in two colours

Decorative designs consisting of repeatable patterns (such as dots) have a lot of potential. However, in order to achieve the best possible effect you need to keep a few important things in mind. There a few decorative styles where dot stickers will look particularly wonderful. First and foremost, the designs are a great choice for any minimalistic interior, since geometric figures and simple shapes already play such an important role in this style. As far as colours are concerned, in this case we definitely recommend black-and-white dots. You can use the stickers to decorate not only your walls but also furniture, door frames, windows and other items. One of the more interesting and creative ways of using this motif is creating a spotted kitchen. Black dots on a white background will add character to the interior without disturbing its minimalistic colour scheme. Dot patterns can also look appealing in all kinds of futuristic interiors. The simplicity of the designs gives you a lot of freedom to create wonderful compositions of wall stickers. Arrange them into various unique, intriguing combinations to make the interior look more modern to the point of resembling something from a science-fiction story.

Positive dot stickers will liven up your interiors

Our dot stickers can be used in all kinds of interiors, not only those cold, futuristic and minimalistic spaces. Depending on the colours, they can be very lively, vivid and positive. You’ll easily be able to find a design that fits your specific needs. For instance, if you wish to add some energy and carefree atmosphere into your interior, go for stickers with dots in all the colours of the rainbow. It’s a perfect option for decorating a light living room or a teen’s room. Just like in the case of other motifs, our dot stickers can be used on different surfaces, not just walls. Dots in different shades of one colour are a wonderful way to customise the look of your PC, laptop or various pieces of furniture like desks or cabinets. Softer colours (especially hues of green and light blue) will look absolutely gorgeous in the bathroom. The biggest advantage of stickers is the freedom that they give you when it comes to decorating small spaces. They can be used to beautify areas where you cannot fit any other type of decoration. What’s more, the same trick also works when it comes to interiors of unusual shape. For instance, stickers with dots can be a fantastic way to adorn a mezzanine or slanted walls in an attic room.

Dot stickers for children

Since we’ve already mentioned positive, colourful patterns, let’s move on to discussing dot stickers designed for the youngest members of the family. Dots are a fantastic example of a stylish design that can also be used to create an optimistic, cheerful atmosphere. These simple patterns work wonders as decorations for nurseries or small children’s rooms. The specificity of these interiors gives you some more decorative freedom and creativity. Again, you don’t necessarily need to use these subtle dot stickers to decorate only walls. They will look equally appealing on windows and doors. The happy, spotted patterns can also be added to any other furniture in the room, like your baby’s crib. To achieve the best possible effect, try to choose the colours of your stickers based on the colours already present in the room. Remember that dots look best if their colour contrasts the background.