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Show me your living room, and I'll tell you who you are. This funny and seemingly flippant statement has a lot of truth in it. The way you arrange your home is dictated by your taste, which stems directly from your character and personality. Stylish wall murals allow you to decorate your space in exactly the style you love. If you love vintage aesthetics, retro decorations will correspond with antique furniture. If you value minimalism and light colors, murals inspired by Scandinavian style will be the perfect choice. A wide range of designs means you can be sure to find exactly the mural you have dreamt up.

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Always fashionable stylish wall murals

A home style mural is an excellent choice for interior design. Why? Fashion constantly changes. This is evident not only in the trends that appear in the garment industry every season. The trends in interior design evolve just as quickly. Pastel colors, fashionable one year, give way to neon shades the next, and geometric patterns become passe and are replaced by floral patterns. There are, however, styles of timeless beauty that never go out of fashion. Decorating an interior in one of these styles, you can be sure that you will create a universal arrangement, which you will enjoy for years to come. Here are some of our suggestions.

  • Scandinavian style: this type of murals is characterized by a soft color scheme and minimalism. Although it has references to the culture and aesthetics of the Scandinavian countries, it also looks great in a monochromatic modern interior. A stylish wall mural, inspired by Scandinavian style, usually features simple, graphic images of Scandinavian forests, black and white pictures of mountain nature, multicolored folk patterns or a Dalecarlian horse – a wooden figurine believed to bring good luck. If your living room is predominantly white and grey with wooden or whitewashed furniture and scarce decorations, these murals are always a great choice. If you have a modern, industrial-style living room, then this kind of decoration will wonderfully light up the space, and folk motifs would be an interesting counterbalance for the urban character of the interior.

  • Retro style: an interior decorated in a style from the old days requires carefully chosen accessories and decorations to achieve a consistent look. You should choose a different mural style depending on the era the décor refers to: the 80s, 60s, the interwar period or Art Nouveau. A classic, traditional living room with elegant Biedermeier-style furniture suits retro-style murals featuring old images of famous cities. They will look great especially if your chosen stylish wall murals resemble a sepia-toned old-fashioned photo. In a living room decorated in the Art Nouveau style dominated by soft, organic lines and floral patterns a pretty-style mural will be an interesting solution. Elegant dark colors or delicate, pearlescent shades and the ubiquitous plant pattern will go beautifully with Art Nouveau décor.

Stylish wall murals in the bedroom

A delicate, romantic bedroom arrangement is always a good idea. A mural in elegant colors is suitable for both classic and modern interiors. Choose the color depending on the size of the bedroom. Dark shades like purple, burgundy and navy blue are recommended for spacious interiors. If your bedroom is small, opt for light, luminous colors that will visually enlarge the space. However, if you value minimalism above all, a Scandinavian mural featuring a simple folk pattern is bound to appeal to you.

Stylish wall murals: Provençal bathroom

If you love natural plant-based products, and lavender is the main ingredient of your perfumes and toiletries, a French-style bathroom is the perfect choice. A stylish wall mural depicting a lavender field or a plantation of these plants stretching as far as the eye can see will create a stylish and timeless arrangement to delight in every day.

An interior decorated in this style is every romantic's dream come true. Delicate colors: violet, white, blue and grey, furniture made of natural, whitewashed wood, plenty of trinkets and the ubiquitous lavender motif – this is the shortest way to describe the Provençal-style décor. This cozy, warm interior will look great with a floral design on the walls. Stylish murals inspired by Provence can depict both blooming lavender fields and single twigs of this plant, as well as a fine floral pattern created with wild flowers or a grid pattern in pastel colors.