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Space has always been fascinating for humans. Although we constantly learn about new and exciting aspects of the universe, every answer leads to more questions. One of the greatest breakthroughs in the study of space was the discovery that our Milky Way galaxy is just one of many galaxies in existence. The beauty of space has inspired our team as well. We decided to use the motif in our stickers. Galaxy wall decorations are appealing, expressive, and incredibly original. They will allow you to create amazing décors without breaking the bank. So if you're interested in astronomy, you like sky gazing, or simply enjoy space-opera movies, you'll certainly find these type of decorations appealing. The galaxy calls – go forth to explore space!

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Multicoloured galaxy sticker

One would be mistaken to assume that the outer space is dark, sad, and without colour. Stars, planets, nebulae, and all other cosmic entities are often characterised by very intense, expressive colours. When they collide or overlap, they create most wonderful cosmic mosaics. Myloview simply couldn't pass on that opportunity for creating unique decoration! That's why our offer now includes beautiful, multicoloured, interstellar stickers. The galaxy decorations that take advantage of this game of colours can be used in many different types of interiors. For instance, you can install them in the living room as the main decorative element. In that case, we recommend getting a larger design, so that the colours are well visible and don't get lost somewhere among furniture and other decorations.  Another great advantage of this motif is the absolute freedom it gives you when it comes to choosing the colour. The background of galaxy stickers is almost always dark but the image can feature various hues of blue, purple, orange, or even turquoise.

Swirly galaxy sticker

The galaxy motif is attractive not only because of its colours. It also features very interesting, characteristic shapes. Anybody who's passionate about astronomy will readily recognise these twisting spirals. The pattern looks gorgeous in the form of wall stickers. A galaxy seen in its whole glory from very far away will be a perfect choice for anyone who dabbles in astronomy or astrophysics. These designs once again work best as large format stickers in well-visible places. You can use them e.g. to decorate the space over the door or opposite your window.

Graphic stickers – galaxy in drawings!

It might seem that galaxies are too abstract a theme to be represented in the form of symbols and drawings but our team at Myloview welcomes every challenge! Especially if the subject matter is so… cosmic! A sticker featuring various drawings inspired by interstellar travel is an original decorative idea, which can be used in many different places in the home. Where exactly? First, let's consider the kitchen. Though this interior is usually decorated in a soft, subdued colour scheme, there's no reason not to go a bit wild and experiment. Another great place for the galaxy stickers can be the bathroom. A galaxy made up of simple, black-and-white drawings will be a wonderful match for the colours that are normally used in this interior. Your bathroom will therefore be aesthetically and stylistically pleasing but also unusual and original.

Cosmic wall stickers: galaxy for a child's room

Many children dream about travelling across the endless galaxies on board their own spaceships. The small astronauts use their imagination to visit undiscovered planets and live through thrilling adventures. Here at Myloview we decided to go one step further in fulfilling these childhood dreams. We've prepared a special selection of stickers dedicated for all little explorers of the universe. These designs feature galaxies (usually in the form of drawings) but also their inhabitants and visitors – friendly space people and brave astronauts. For older children, we have a bit more serious designs. After all, the plot of the famous Star Wars saga that connects generations takes place "a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…"

Contrastive galaxy sticker

The thing that amazes us most when looking up at the night sky are definitely the stars. They are the building blocks of galaxies. That's why many of our sticker designs put these celestial bodies in the spotlight. The most realistic galaxy decorations are relatively dark but they're speckled with shimmering dots of light. Such a stellar pattern works wonders when used to decorate everyday objects (such as computers or refrigerators). It can also be used to create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom.