Canvas prints by interior - Children's Room

A kid’s room should be full of joyful colors, fanciful shapes, and expressive, fairytale patterns. How to go about introducing a blaze of colors to a muted space and highlight the palette of a room done in pastels? Canvas prints for children certainly do the trick. In the collection of the online store Myloview you’ll find a whole ton of motifs – from flowers to fairytale princesses to enchanting animals and cartoon cars. Canvas prints for children’s rooms bring warmth to the space and provide it with a cozy feel. Among the various prints you’ll be sure to find a wall decoration that highlights the design of the bedroom. By using a subtle children’s canvas print you will bring – in the blink of an eye - charm and grace to this space.

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Canvas prints for children’s rooms particularly for a young girl’s bedroom

To put the finishing touches on a girl’s bedroom, it’s hard to do better than powder pinks, subdued purples, and cream tones. When making use of the right children’s canvas prints, you highlight the styling of the room and the dominant color scheme of the interior. A space based on plush elements, whitewashed furniture, and sweet details in mild hues can be made more beautiful with wall decorations with heart or star motifs. By using floral accents such as florets printed on a canvas, you can impart your room with a graceful look. You can decorate a pastel interior with little Cupids or Disney characters. By using children’s canvas prints with gorgeous landscapes you can liven up bright spaces that are dominated by classic dressers, wooden floors, and subtle extras, which include stuffed animals, blankets, and pillows. Wall decorations with fairytale scenery in pastel colors provide simple furnishings with a fanciful setting. Magical images will foster your little one’s imagination as well as give them a sense of safety. What’s more, they will encourage your little girl to read fairy tales! As decorations for a girl’s bedroom we also recommend canvas prints for children featuring butterflies – subtle compositions will usher in a sense of fantasy and tenderness.

Fairytale motifs in a boy’s room

You can certainly use colorful decorations on a canvas in a boy’s room as well – wall details will bring color and expression into the interior and create a fanciful environment. A colorful setting will foster creative play far from the computer and TV, and this will have a positive impact on your little one’s creativity. In the collection of the online store you will find cartoon animals such as pandas, foxes, owls, and bears. Smiling characters from his favorite animated films will usher in enchantment, warmth, and positive energy.

As a wall decoration you may use children’s canvas prints inspired by the world of Disney, such as the enchanting illustrations of Winnie the Pooh, the Lion King, or Peter Pan. Among these various designs you are sure to find a wall accent that matches the room’s décor. In the bedrooms of older boy’s we advise that you use a canvas print in photographic form, and for little adventure-seekers and budding travel buffs we recommend a canvas print featuring a world map.

Canvas prints for children’s rooms designated as infants’ bedrooms

Canvas prints for children on the wall with a subtle, soft color scheme will work beautifully to create a special setting in an infant’s bedroom. A pastel decoration with the moon and stars can be used to great effect above the crib. You can decorate the space above the furniture with a wall ornament featuring cute angels – winged beings will help create a unique aura in this space. Among all sorts of motifs we can highlight details that go beautifully with the light walls of an infant’s room – this can be achieved with a delicate canvas composition with balloons, florets, and colorful butterflies. Butterflies and rabbits on canvas prints for children will make any classically furnished interior more beautiful in the blink of an eye – wall decorations will bring out the room’s lacy elements, stuffed animals, and soft materials. In our collection you will find patterns in delicate color schemes – add charm to any infant’s room with lavender accents as well as those in a light pistachio, powder pink, or warm beige color.