Canvas prints by interior - Children's Room

A child’s room should be full of positive colors, different shapes, and vivid, fairy-tale patterns.  But how to incorporate such a blaze of colors into a child's room decor in such a way to make it look original? Canvas prints for a child’s room will be perfect for this task! Browse Myloview online catalogue and find a whole plethora of motifs, from flowers and fairy tale princesses to adorable animals or cute small automobiles. Using canvas prints for a child's room is an easy way to introduce some warmth and coziness into the interior. We’re sure that you’ll be able to find a design that will clearly highlight the character of your child's room.  With our subtle decorations you’ll quickly transform any interior into something special.

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Canvas prints for a child’s room – fairy-tale decorations for girls

Pastel pinks, toned-down purples, and cream whites are all excellent colors when it comes to decorating a little girl’s bedroom. By choosing the right decorations you can highlight the style and the main color palette of an interior. In a room filled with soft, plush materials, whitewashed furniture, and cute details in soft colors, we recommend using wall decorations depicting stars and hearts. Another great idea will be canvas prints for children with flowery motifs. In pastel interiors, you can also consider using images of cherubs or Disney characters. However, if the space you’re decorating is more classic and combines soft plushies, blankets, and pillows with wooden floors and beautiful dressers, perhaps it would be a better idea to consider decorating the walls with a picturesque landscape. Pastel painted landscapes will provide a fairy-tale background for the simple furniture. The prints will create a magical atmosphere and inspire your children to read and use their imagination. And if you’re still not convinced, how about a few pictures for a child’s room with butterfly motifs? These delicate compositions can be another source of fantasy and grace for the room.

Fairy-tale motifs for boys in wall prints for children

Colorful canvas prints for a child’s room can also be used to make boys’ bedrooms more positive and dynamic. Colorful decorations are known to stimulate children’s imagination and creativity. They provide great ideas to play away from computer and TV screens. Some of the most popular designs in online store include fairy-tale animals, such as pandas, foxes, owls, rabbits, or bears. Another wonderful source of charm, warmth, and positive energy are images of beloved animated characters. You can decorate the space using canvas prints for a child’s room which depict the amazing characters from Disney movies, including Winnie the Pooh, Lion King, or Peter Pan. We offer many different designs so you’ll be sure to find something special and unique for your specific needs. For slightly older children we recommend more serious, photographic canvas prints and for all small adventurers and explorers we have amazing prints with world maps.

Canvas prints for a nursery

Our canvas prints for children category also includes many subtle, delicate designs which are absolutely perfect for decorating a nursery. A pastel image of the Moon and stars will look gorgeous over your baby’s crib. You can also use prints depicting cute little angels to decorate the space over your furniture and create a wonderful atmosphere of safety in the room. Other interesting choices include designs which can easily be combined with light color palettes of most nurseries. These include compositions of colorful balloons, roses, or butterflies. Pictures for a child’s room with butterflies and bunnies work wonders in classic interiors. These wall decorations will additionally highlight the charm of lacy details, plushies, and other soft materials. Browse through our collection and you’ll find many different designs featuring subtle color palettes, such as different shades of lavender, pistachio green, powder pink, and warm beige.