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There are many ways to rearrange an interior. You can repaint the walls, change furniture, buy a new rug or apply patterned wall murals, but posters for the living room seem to be the best option. Why? Each of these solutions will give you a makeover of the room for many years to come. And what if you like changes, and in two months’ time want something completely new? Instead of big changes, it is worth trying posters that give you great flexibility in designing your interior. This small accent will give the room a completely different character, and by moving or changing it, you can create a new arrangement every few weeks. Wall posters for the living room are a solution for a quick makeover of a room with minimal effort.

31 of posters

An original poster with peppermint-colored retro car will bring some color into a boring interior. We recommend them especially for automobile enthusiasts!

Gold and white look great together. This marble wall poster is ideal for a glamour-style bedroom or a living room that needs a bit more chic. A marble background with a glamorous golden quote is both modern and elegant.


Decorative living room – living room posters that will change its look

If you like changes, often experiment with your looks or clothes, hate boredom and periodically change something in the decor of your home, posters are a great solution for you. The list of their advantages is very long, and the effect they give is spectacular!

  • Posters for a living room wall are the fastest way to transform an interior. You buy the selected design over the Internet, in a few days you receive a parcel by courier and then you hang it in the place of your choice.
  • A large selection of designs means it's easy to find a poster that suits not only your room arrangement, but also your personality or interests.
  • Well-chosen posters do not require any additional accessories, and the installation (unlike in the case of painting or applying murals) does not require any previous preparations.
  • You can hang posters on a wall as you please, change their location, for example from the living room to the bedroom, and when you buy several designs, you can display one at a time in a clear clip frame and store the other ones safely rolled up in a tube.

Posters for the living room with a vintage feel

Those who love classic interiors and vintage looks are bound to love wall posters for the living room in a retro style. The choice of a particular pattern is entirely up to you. The wide range of designs includes classic models of cars or motorcycles, historical devices such as a rotary dial phone, turntable or the first radio model, a picturesque view that thanks to special filters resembles antique postcards or a holiday photograph, or a photograph of a movie star from the years gone by such as Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn. These decorations will look beautiful among antique furniture or contemporary items in an antique style as well as lovely trinkets, porcelain figurines, vases or lamps with beautiful lampshades.

Modern and stylish posters in the living room

For all those who live in the moment, love modern art and like to surround themselves with modern, minimalist designs, we offer posters inspired by the most famous works of abstract painters. Colorful splats of paint, cubic portraits, three-dimensional shapes or simple, geometric shapes based on optical illusions can be a truly unique decoration that will transform an ordinary room into a tasteful and elegant sitting room. If your interior has a muted, soft color scheme, the best effect will be achieved when you choose posters for living room walls in vivid shades bursting with energy. However, if the walls are already full of colors, choose a simple, monochrome poster that will soften the look of the room.

Original wall posters for the living room

If you are interested in sports, music, cinematography, traveling or have any other hobby, it is a great idea to use it in the design of the living room. Posters do not have to be just an attractive decoration that pleases the eye. They can also have a deeper meaning, reflect your personality, and finally they can show your passions and interests. All you need to do is look for the right design.

SPORT – these posters can depict any sport: from football, through volleyball to motorcycle racing, world-famous sports facilities or famous players.

MUSIC – if you play a musical instrument, choose a poster with a trumpet, violin, guitar or harp to reflect your musical skills, and if you have a favorite artist or band, a poster with a photo from a concert will be a great idea.

CINEMATOGRAPHY – a true lover of movies may want to decorate their lounge with their favorite themes – living room posters with your favorite movie titles is just one of our proposals. If you have a large enough wall, create a triptych consisting of three movies that have changed your life or made a huge impression on you.

Posters for walls: how to match them to your interior

Posters for walls: how to match them to your interior

Wall decorations can completely change our interior, just like furniture. It’s important to remember that, when you’re selecting posters for a wall of your apartment.